Battlefield 4 Patch Notes: All Platforms Update September 1st 2015


Here is the detailed list of changes and improvements included in the Summer Patch. All changes apply to all platforms unless explicitly stated otherwise.

• Fixed a number of known exploits in the game
• Added the Team balancer (featured) as a default server option for larger modes
• In Combat
– Fixed an issue where players were able to spawn on a squad mate under fire (in combat)
– Removed suppression active check, now only looks at suppression increase as an in combat trigger

• Added the Zavod: Graveyard Shift map
• Added server preset (Standard, Classic, Hardcore) to the deploy screen
• Updated soldier animations to fix the issue where viewing players running backwards would cause leg popping when changing the movement direction slightly between back-left...

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Battlefield 4 Patch Notes: All Platforms Update March 3rd 2015


Here is the full list of changes and improvements included in the Winter Patch. All changes applies to all platforms unless explicitly stated otherwise. For highlights with pictures, follow the link

– Added Squad Obliteration game mode
– Added support for New player servers (rank 10 and down)
– Added support for matchmaking into ranked servers (in addition to standard official)
– Various anti-cheat improvements implemented
– In combat system now temporarily disables squad spawning when squad mate is in combat
– In combat system now temporarily disables Medic Bag healing based on damage taken and incoming suppression increase
– In combat system now temporarily disables First Aid Kit healing based on damage taken
– Decouple vehicle aiming from turning option added
– Add...

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More Battlefield 4 content to come – 6th DLC?

rsz_bf4-road-ahead-1Battlefield hyped up a super special announcement for earlier today. It has finally been revealed, and the announcement is…they will announce something later! That’s right, they made an announcement that they will make an announcement.

All joking aside, what was actually announced is that there will be more Battlefield 4 content, specifically noting in the blog post that, “Final Stand is not the end.” Now, this leaves a lot of room for speculation, as “more content” could technically mean more double-XP weekends and free battlepacks. However, the reference to Final Stand, a survey about what classic Battlefield maps the player base enjoys (by the way, go vote), and hints from certain developers (namely, David Sirland, or @Tiggr_), this is intended to be a big thing meant to really please t...

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Phantom Operative Tutorial for Battlefield 4 Final Stand: Getting the Phantom Bow


DICE has included an Easter Egg in their Battlefield 4: Final Stand DLC which allows users to complete an assignment called “Phantom Operative” and unlock the Phantom Bow.

To unlock the assignment, you’ll need to do a few steps outside of the game itself. Here are the steps needed to unlock the assignment and the requirements needed to complete it.

You’ll first need to complete the previous three tasks in the “Phantom Program”. Don’t worry about completing the in game portion, just the steps within the “program” window.

Step 1: Complete the Phantom Prospect portion
Step 2: Complete the Phantom Trainee portion
Step 3: Complete the Phantom Initiate portion

Step 4: Now you are ready for Phantom Operative
First off, go to the Leaderboards on your Battlelog and note the ...

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Battlefield 4 Patch Notes: All Platforms Update Nov 18 2014


The following tweaks and fixes apply across all platforms. However, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC have a few unique fixes that you can find on the bottom of the post.

• This game update enables the Battlefield 4 Final Stand expansion pack.
• Tweaked the hit indicator speed to behave more like Battlefield 3.
• Fixed an issue where the hit indicator size for shooting an enemy player in the arms would be small, when it actually should be medium size.
• Added advanced gameplay options for customizing the hit indicator.
• Tweaked hit indicators: medium hit texture to better fit with small hit and headshot textures.
• Improved the hit indicator accuracy from vehicles when shooting enemy infantry.
• Made it clear in the in-game squad menu that a “Squad Join”-s...

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Battlefield 4 Classic Mode preset is here!

Classic Mode Server FilterOnce upon a time, we discussed what a “Classic Mode” might consist of and how the community might accept it should DICE create a server preset (like Normal and Hardcore) for this mode. Server admins have been able to set up their servers to operate with the “classic” settings, but they have been few and far between, and not always easy to find.

With the recent “Fall Patch” that implemented many things from the CTE, such as triage (revive timer), and improved HUD settings, DICE also added the Classic Mode preset. In a recent blog post about it, Battlefield explained what the preset is:

* No 3D spotting (no doritos, but you still have a minimap, and spotted enemies will show there).

* 100% health, but no regeneration.

* Squad leader spawn.

* Mag pool reloading (you lose the remaining ammo i...

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Battlefield 4 Patch Notes: Server / PC / Xbox One / Xbox 360 / PS4 / PS3 Update Sept 30 2014


Here it is boys, the patch we have all been waiting for. The following tweaks and bug fixes apply across all platforms. However, PlayStation 3 and PC has unique fixes that you can find towards the bottom of the post.

• Fix for a crash that could occur when entering a vehicle or using a gadget.
• Improved soldier movement to closely match that of Battlefield 3 while still maintaining animation fidelity of Battlefield 4.
• Fix for an issue on the Siege of Shanghai where players could make themselves invincible near Flag A.
• Added pre-round ready state. The minimum player’s ready per team needed for the round to start is calculated from the team with less players.
• Crosshairs/Optics scale tweaked and visibility against light backgrounds improved.
• Helicopters and jets ...

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Final Stand reveal – play it early on the CTE

Final Stand

Today, Battlefield revealed the theme for the Final Stand DLC slated to release later this Fall. Final Stand will be the last (scheduled) DLC package of Battlefield 4 (there has been some speculation of a pack of re-imagined maps, but it has been no more than a rumor to date).

Final Stand will take place in snowy Russia, and the fiction involves scientists working on experimental weapons. One map is said to include a battle pick-up that will be a rail gun firing powerful bursts of kinetic energy. In the trailer released today, the map Operation Whiteout is shown to include the prototype hover tank. The Battlefield Blog post states that players will discover these prototype weapons and vehicles, which makes me wonder if the hover tank will be unlocked via capturing a point (expect that capt...

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Upcoming Battlefield Patch: Core Gameplay Improvements

Releasing next month, DICE has announced a new Battlefield 4 client patch that should address a number of core gameplay issues as well improvements to several game modes, such as Rush, Obliteration, and Capture The Flag.

Pulled from Battlefield’s official blog post:

Core Gameplay Update

The current CTE initiative revolves around making the core gameplay of Battlefield 4 even better. This initiative has been in full swing for a little over two months now, and we’ve made a lot tweaks and changes that we hope you have enjoyed. As we’re nearing the end of this initiative and the release of the next Battlefield 4 update, these are the major fixes that it will include:

Game Mode Improvements

General improvements and tweaks have been made to the following game modes: Rush, Obliteration, Oblit...

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