40 minute Battlefield 4 multiplayer video

Battlefield-4-Trailer-Screenshot-30Popular Youtuber Chaboyy has released a 40 minute game play video that he recorded while at E3, which is a welcome experience compared to the minute and a half clips we have been getting from EA lately.

Although there are no new features really shown here, it does solidify other aspects of the game that have been discussed in the recent weeks and that players are looking to get more insight on, such as control point capture call-outs, mini-med packs, Tank and Helicopter game play, and others.

The most stunning thing to me still though is the quality of the sounds of the battlefield. As someone who uses the in-game sounds a lot during play it is amazing the quality that DICE brought it up to since BF3. This is pre-alpha, too, so there was still room for improvement at this point. Example, the tank sounds, at least while driving, seemed unchanged, though they may not even change that at all.

Also shown in this video: Chaboyy isn’t a very good sniper.

This only makes me more excited for the game. Stay tuned.

  • DF

    One thing I noticed is that the chopper started self-repairing even though it was down to 31% health.. In BF3, below 35% and you’ll need to start repairing with tool. I wonder what the threshold will be in BF4?

    • http://battlefieldonmymind.blogspot.com/ Heplinger

      If I remember correctly, DICE said something about changing the disable mechanic so that instead of having a hard and fast disable threshold, you now have parts of the vehicle that disable, such as reduced rotor function on the chopper and flat tires on jeeps and MWRAPs. I am not sure on the specifics of how they implemented this change, though.

  • Guest

    looks like the rose is back at 1:18 time stamp

  • Guest

    command rose