50+ Leaked Battlefield 4 Alpha Trial Menus and Gameplay Screenshots

A handful of leaked screenshots hit the Internet this morning supposedly from an alpha test of Battlefield 4′s Xbox 360 version. Their origin is unknown, other than a watermark across each image, but several of the screens reference the alpha test. The images appear to be from a multiplayer test on a map called “Siege” which is set in Shanghai.

Judging by these screenshots, Battlefield 4 could feature squads of up to 5 players, pistol, knife, and possibly grenade customization, dual sights, and battlepacks, which had been rumored earlier in a focus-group survey about the game.  Battlepacks would contain options like player skins, weapons and other accessories. Also interesting to note that there appears to be working elevators. Other new details include loadout and award screens and a new HUD.

View the full set of images after the break.

Battlefield 4 is.. scheduled to make an appearance at E3 2013. DICE has teased some “surprises” are in store for us in the coming days.

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  • Pepsi

    Nice! We posted this over at ADK as well.

  • Cameron

    They’re fake. The only gun models shown in the menus are one taken straight from BF3 with incorrect names! Also they would never have an ALPHA where the buildings have no textures on them, we saw that with BF3 and that game’s alpha. Hate to say it but just made by someone looking for publicity before E3.

    • Dstyli

      You should check some footage out from the the Alpha trials, your theory that they would never have buildings without textures is incorrect

      • Cameron

        Can you link me some man, kinda hard to come by on YT! But I’ll take your word for it :)

  • Militia

    Its is probably a pre-alpha. Many of the weapons shown are place holders. Probably because they didn’t have the textures finished