79 Images of Leaked Battlefield 4 Alpha Screens Show New Battlelog


The Battlefield 4 alpha trial is currently in progress and as expected,  leaked info is starting to surface. Participants in the the Alpha trail, which kicked off yesterday, were randomly chosen Origin and was exclusive to PC gamers.

The slideshow below shows 79 screen captures which shows off everything from soldier customization to the newly revamped Battlelog with an overhauled interface. In addition, there appears to be more than one type of silencers for weapons and it’s confirmed that there will be 3 types of grenades. Score another one in the  confirmed column for the Assault class geting two different kinds of med packs.

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Enjoy the slideshow after the break..

[UPDATE] The origional 79 images were removed from imgur.com. A replacement has been put up, sorry this one is only 60 images

[UPDATE 2] EA is using its DMCA ban hammer on a number of websites posting Alpha images. The images in the slideshow below were removed, we suspect, by the “request” of EA

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