A run through of all Battlefield 4 classes (videos)


Below are three videos going over some details Pre-Alpha has provided us on each of the 4 classes in Battlefield 4.

Some minor details may have changed between the videos and pre-alpha, alpha, and what was displayed on E3. For example, The Engineer will have exclusive access to PDW’s though I said that isn’t the case in the video. Also Recons will not be able to do a one shot kill unless at close range into the central chest.

More than just the details about what we know so far. I also added my own opinions, fears, and wish list as commentary to the videos. I really hope you guys enjoy the videos.

First Video Recon Class

*Worth mentioning again, this is pre-alpha. So the speculation about the one shot kill is now confirmed not to be the case


Support Class

*All camo’s will look more realistic than other FPS games, So i was joking about the bright pink tiger print.



*It has been confirmed that you can not equip more than one launcher, ie Stinger and RPG…..phewww

*Engineers can use PDW’s exclusively

*A big change we found out since this video is that the defib will now need a charging time, limiting the defib spam…if that was ever a problem :\

Hope you enjoy the videos feel free to either comment here or the YouTube videos.


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