Another round of Alpha invites released [UPDATE: Not so fast]

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Check your mail… go on, we’ll wait. Producer at DICE on Battlefield 4, Daniel Matros ( @zh1nt0 ), has just tweeted that another round of Alpha invites has just been released. If you are one of the lucky few, congratulations. This is your chance to make Battlefield 4 the game we all hope it is. VOICE YOUR OPINION to DICE!


A few hours after of what must of been misery for those that received the coveted “You have been selected for the Battlefield 4 Alpha trial” email, EA has confirmed that those emails were sent out by mistake. “A number of players today received a Battlefield 4 Alpha Trial related email. This email was an error on our part, and we apologize for any disappointment this may have caused. We are unfortunately unable to accommodate any more players in the Alpha Trial.” – EA_AgentX posted on Battlelog.

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  • Branden Cusolle

    This tweet has been deleted. It is thought he posted it too soon. So maybe they will be sent out soon ;)


      Wonder how many angry tweets @zh1nt0 has :)

      • Branden Cusolle

        Haha probably lots ;) just noticed this reply now