Article: Battlefield 4 Optics vs Battlefield 3 (video)

bf4-bf3-optic-compareBelow is a video illustrating the differences you may expect to be seeing with the sights and scopes of Battlefield 4 compared to Battlefield 3.

The gameplay at the begining and the end is clearly Battlefield 3 footage, recorded from PC. There are screenshots from two perspectives. From the hip and aiming down the sights.

The first screen shot from each perspective is from Battlefield 3 followed by it’s counterpart from Battlefield 4.

You can draw your own conclusions from what you see, but personally I like the direction in which Battlefield 4 is taking the sights. The sights seem to have a lot more detail. Also some of the weaknesses seen in some of the optics in Battlefield 3 has been addressed and tackled in Battlefield 4.

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  • RyleyMA61

    After BC2 the milling reticles in BF3 on the 8x and 12x scopes weren’t great – the stadia were too thick and the graduations unclear.

    It appears that the new 8x (or 12x?) scope has a variant of the Leupold TMR which looks a lot cleaner and will be much more useful for actually ranging targets…

    Keen to see if they have ditched that stupid scope glare though! Or at least made it somewhat realistic…

    • Dstyli

      Scope glare is confirmed to make a return. Though i speculate it will be more realistic. For example they have a mechanic in the game which works with the Green laser so it only blinds when aimed at the head. I imagine the scope glare will be tweaked to be as accurate as that too. If not then they have definitely missed a trick.

      • RyleyMA61

        I could probably deal with that… plus if it just flashed, it’d serve to warn that there is someone watching you and you could take appropriate action.

        It shouldn’t light up in dark areas either. that was pretty ridiculous.

        I’m all for reducing entire bushwookies on hills, but a good sniper, placed a few hundred metres from an objective, while appearing to do little to the uneducated player, can provide a huge boost to a team advancing or defending an objective. (suppressive fire, spotting enemies, etc)

        the scope glint forced the good snipers out past 500m and thus reduced their effectiveness :(

        • Dstyli

          Yeah i fully agree, I liked aggressive sniping in BF3, till suppression got ramped up to the high heavens, then it broke the class.