Article: Call of Duty Changing Battlefield?

This has been an interesting year for gaming with a lot of role reversal taking place. First we have E3, which left a sour taste in most of the Xbox One potential customers mouths. If you believe what you read on social media and YouTube you’ll see a lot of once loyal customers are voting with there disposable income and are planning on joining the Sony dynasty. Almost ending the console war before it has even started…..That’s if you believe everything you read. This bashing of the Xbox One is not to dissimilar to how people reacted to the news of the PS3 7 years ago. Yet the PS3 did eventually prove itself.

I lost count of the negative feedback I read after every Call of Duty game is announced, Yet it is one of the highest grossing gaming franchise in history.

Then we have the age old CoD vs BF series,

Battlefield veterans have always been outnumbered by the CoD elitists and as such for the survival of our gaming tribe we tend to look down on CoD as a mainstream cash cow only designed to bleed your wallet dry. Things have not changed. Untill BF3 came out. Marketing was mainstream and a lot of money had clearly been spent on it. Through out the life cycle the population of BF3 has been growing and overshadows the likes of BFBC2. Even Battlefield Premium mirrors the CoD elite. I think it’s safe to say that this is because there are a lot more CoD converts who feel as though they want a change of scenery. YouTube commentators have played there part in bringing BF3/BF4 footage and news to the masses and it has all boiled down to this….

versusCall of Duty Ghosts vs Battlefield 4

I would bet that CoD Ghosts will outsell BF4, (Not a safe bet) but I also bet that BF4 will have the biggest population yet in any BF game, and the extra numbers would more than likely be from the CoD fanbase.

So my question is this, How are the Battlefield veterans and CoD elitists going to co-exist? Will there be a change in the community dynamics?

It wouldn’t be a far fetched to say CoD community tends to have a lower average age due to how mainstream it really is, It’s a franchise that has been mentioned in films, mainstream tv, and national and international news papers. So every kid with a working mouth and a hand can point and say ”I want that one”

The Battlefield games started many moons ago on the PC, and there is a definite learning curve you must learn to play a battlefield game properly. This all leads to an older gamer generally.

So what are your thoughts? I’m interested in what you guys think

  • Arkalis

    To be honest I’ve experienced many people join the Battlefield franchise with BF3 and they really like the formula; not everyone is a stereotypical CoD player and most of them are willing to learn and adapt and that’s awesome. The problem most BF veterans have is when they DON’T want to really join the Battlefield formula and they want to “play CoD with better graphics” (or any other game, it doesn’t have to be Call of Duty), not really helping their team and some don’t want to change that; they feel entitled to play the game they purchased the way they desire and we can’t really force them to play how we want.

    To summarize, as in every community, including the BF community, there are “undesirable people” so to say but that doesn’t mean we have to bash certain group because of it. With that I mean we should welcome the new players and leave that prejudice apart (just because some apples are rotten we should dislike the entire basket, if you get what I mean)

    • Dstyli

      Nice post, Like you said every community has their share of bad apples. Just hope that the mature players integrate well into our BF family. After all, More players = better support

  • BullShooter

    To be entirely honest I don’t really care if we get newcomers from CoD or whatever game it is they play so long as DICE wises up and puts a Tutorial mode in their games to allow newer players (and some of the older ones) how NOT to play the game like ass. This is mainly only a complaint amongst those of us in Battlefield who play Rush most of the time, but the percentage of players in the battlefield community that are actually competent at the game is rather low. Some sort of tutorial mode for the multiplayer may have an impact on this percentage in a positive way.

    • Dstyli

      I think you’ve touched on something good there. The lack of team play and PTFO isn’t completely attributed to the immature kids, But possibly due to a lack of tutorial, bot or prologue type mode. Nothing worse than jumping in a gunner seat of an attack heli only to see a rank 11 is the pilot, One quick nose dive later, and it’s back to the spawn screen. It’s not there fault. Simply know where for them to go learn other than a live game, Empty servers etc can only teach so much…Bots or an in depth tutorial might help new Battlefield players

      • BullShooter

        well up until I got my hands on bf3, the game I’d spent most of my time playing was Warhawk (2007 title, online pvp only). The thing that kept me playing the game for about 3 or 4 years was the complete lack of incompetent players; most of the problems with the game had to do with the severe gap of skill between higher ranks and lower ranks, and that was because you had to earn certain awards to achieve certain ranks on top of earning xp. Like being First place on the Winning team 100 times, or being on the winning team from start to finish in a game 250 times. So you can kinda imagine what my reaction to the sheer mass of players that had no idea what they were doing in bf3 was :/

        • Dstyli

          i LOVED warhawk. Invested so many hours into that game. Shame Starhawk was such an embarrassment

          • BullShooter

            Honestly they had a nice idea going there, but then again most ideas are good as ideas and terrible in practice.