Article: EA Taking Over the FPS Genre?

rsz_frostbite-3_1Due to the massive amount of popularity in both the public and competitive sector of Call of Duty, many would consider Activision as the king of the FPS genre. Activision published all nine previous COD games. The franchise began with one developer, Infinity Ward, until Activision sought annual releases; thus, Treyarch also began working on Call of Duty Games. Each COD, evidently, sells extremely well, and Modern Warfare 3 outsold Battlefield 3 by million in the 2011 FPS showdown. However, the transition into the eighth generation of gaming consoles might also shift the power in the FPS genre.

At this year’s E3, EA announced Titanfall and teased a new Star Wars Battlefront to add to their FPS lineup of Battlefield 4. Titanfall, under development by the young REspawn entertainment, will focus on balanced Titan vs Pilot gameplay. Titans will use heavy firepower, the ability to sustain heavy amounts of damage, and agile movement to dominate open ares. On the other hand, pilots will utilize a jet pack, an array of weapons, and free wall jumping to maneuver close areas with lethal force. Although EA and DICE only showed a teaser for Battlefront, the game will inevitably resemble Battlefield in the sense of massive infantry and vehicle warfare except in the world of Star Wars.

Combined with Battlefield 4, Titanfall and Battlefront pose an immense threat to Activision in the FPS genre. Battlefield 4 is currently edging out COD: Ghosts in pre-order sales according to VGchartrz. Will EA’s big three take over the genre or will Activision remain on its long sustained throne?


  • Max

    Oh, I do hope they are! Call of Duty is just not the same anymore… Well it is what I am trying to say is, its not having any changes! This is why i have gone off COD i only play every month or so, as I had to review it, so I have the Season Pass! Zombies, OK?

  • Arnold Layne

    But genres are different. Some players just have an interest in real characters and nothing close to Halo – eg. And others will not enjoy Star Wars. I still think the biggest mistake from EA to end the Medal of Honor and having caused a reboot in the series. So visit

    • Magilla187

      not necessarily because they will probably cycle out Battlefield with Star wars Battlefront, & or Mirrors Edge, so the next time we actually see a Battlefield game will be 2015-2016 So i say its pretty good right now