Article: New things to note in Battlefield 4

Here are just the few things i have noticed in the E3 game play of Battlefield 4 multiplayer game play.

5 person squads There are now five man squads. This could be even better because I know when I play with friends we  have a group of 5 usually and there is always one that is left out. Total player counts are 64 players on the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles  66 players (two commanders on each team do not count towards the overall player count) on PC/Xbox One/Playstation 4 and 24 for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. This will reduce the amount of squads and help you join a squad with people and not just one other player that is a camping recon and not too useful to spawn on.
Squad perks are no longer unlocked via your level, it is now unlocked by squad score. This could be interesting with groups of players that are good and getting into a squad and immediately having all the perks for dominating on the battlefield. The perks in the screenshot we are already familiar with: Squad sprint, Squad ammo, Squad Frag and Squad Suppression. Squad perks
Recon c4 Recons can now carry C4. This could be one of my favorites because every single time that I feel like going recon on a vehicle map, a tank will roll up beside me and I miss the chance to make him go boom! Simply because I am a recon and not support or an engineer.
In game battle-log integration. Hard to see in the image but with just a simple click of the backspace button you can check your progress of an unlock or send a message to a friend. This will increase the social network aspect of battle-log in game. in game battlelog
Counter knife With now the ability to counter knife someone who is in a knife takedown of you is great! I find it quite annoying when you are on an epic kill streak to only get knifed in the back and know that there is nothing you can do to stop it. This can also make it more difficult for the tag hunters to get their trophy from you.
Yes there will be destruction! We asked for more destruction and we got more destruction. You can now completely level a skyscraper! This will be epic to destroy the enemy team that is in the building and possibly even destroy a flag making it impossible to capture it. This would completely change the way the rest of the match. Building takedown
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  • Frank T.J. Mackey

    I am hearing conflicting reports out of E3 regarding the xbox 360. Will there be 64 players in multiplayer? Or 24 like BF3? Multiple other sources are reporting only 24 players for the xbox 360 (and ps3). Any thoughts on this one?

    • Branden Cusolle

      Dice and ea are still trying to figure out the systems and if they can handle it or not. Thats why they haven’t said fully 64 players on them yet

      • Frank T.J. Mackey

        Thanks for the response. Your article is still a bit misleading with the line, “As it will now be 64 players on the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles…”.

        Not trying to stir trouble…just saying.


        • Liam David Urry

          Battlefield clearly state this on their facebook page >>> See image attached or go to their facebook page it was posted 5 hours ago. only 64 player on PC, Xshit one and PS4 while ps3 and xshit 360 will still be 24 player! lol

          • Frank T.J. Mackey


            Thanks for joining the conversation. Your point only reinforces my original comment post. This is exactly what I was reading from other BF4 news/ blog websites. However, this was the site that was stating very early on that the xbox360 and ps3 WOULD have 64 players – referencing the line (that I included in my response post), “As it will now be 64 players on the PS3 and xbox360…”.

            It would appear Branden needs to check his facts before posting information that he just assumes to be actual fact – or to back pedal when this point was brought up.

            Thanks all the same, Liam. Good work.


            Thank you Liam and Frank. I have made the corrections to the article.