Article: Why I’m buying Battlefield 4 not Call of Duty Ghosts


I’m an avid fan of all games, whether good or bad, but there was something that made me think about buying the new Call of Duty Ghosts. Since I’m not an independent young adult yet, I don’t have money of my own, China_Rising_PFT_web_1so I have to spend it wisely.

Battlefield 4 immediately caught my eye, with amazing graphics and new weapons, it really looked like Battlefield stepped up the their game against Call of Duty Ghosts a notch. DICE updated their engine and it looks like it payed off as it smoothed out some of the actions in the game and they have really looked deep into what the gamer wants.

It’s not like the game was designed by a programmer that read of enjoyment in a magazine somewhere, but the makers of the game actually looked and read some of the forum post that said of ways to improve Battlefield. I cannot see Battlefield 4 becoming the fail of AC3 or Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. It won’t become the game that you will play for a week straight and say “enough with this”, then delete the shortcut and let the files be lost forever on your PC.

Unlike Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 in which Nuketown became a common map, pre-ordering Battlefield 4 has larger incentives for pre-ordering the game, I hope you take advantage of pre-ordering. When you buy the Digital Deluxe Version from EA origin, you get the China Rising Expansion Pack with 3 Gold Battlepacks and some cool dog tags.

img_519f628baad16I, for one, can’t wait for the game to come out. Let me know in the comment section below what your views are and your comments on the article.

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Daniel Venter

  • Branden Cusolle

    already bought bf4. Don’t plan on playing ghosts at all

  • PuddingAuxRais1ns

    I’m most likely getting both as long as Ghosts doesn’t have terrible maps, OP weapons and equipment, bad lag comp, and deathstreaks, things that IW has been notorious for in the past two CoD titles they made.If ghosts has any of those problems than i’ll just buy BF4, Titanfall(if i decide to get that horrid X1), and destiny and stick with BO2 for my CoD fix. CoD will always be my checkers board while BF4 is my chess board.

    • BullShooter

      COD: Ghosts is made by Infinity Ward. There are going to be at least 2 OP weapons at launch that wont get patched until after christmas (if even then).

  • Garry dubin

    I have pre-ordered, in the hope of erasing bad memory that is BF3. went from High of BF2 to lows of BF3.(in my view).
    heres hoping bf4 will be what BF3 should have been.


      I’d love to hear more Garry. Why did BF3 leave a bad taste in your mouth? What do you hope is different with BF4?

      • Garry dubin

        lets see.. (Keep in mind I played BF2 for 6 years, so call me old fashioned..)

        The way BF3 was marketed, I bought what I thought was the most full version when it launched, only to be outdone later by additional cost to get “premium” model.
        which I would not mind if the premium and non-premium game were managed separately (like BF2 and BF2 Special forces) when it comes to patches etc. Not to mention it was not a fair battleground between premium and non-premium players, last time I played BF3 was just before a major patch came out for the new maps for premium players and I had to download big patch and update too even if I am not going to play those maps, so that was the last straw of BF3 for me.

        As far as the actual gaming goes, I was annoyed by

        -Jets with no bombs,
        -The sniper scope flash / glint, ridiculous (commander in BF2 could scan and alert people of snipers)
        -Flash light in daylight issues ridiculous dragged out too long to fix
        -No commander mode
        -Sqauds too small ( most of my friends in BF2 which made up regular playing squad dropped out of the game due to not being able to play togther in a squad of 6
        -no battlerecorder
        -cant run private server at home /lan without origin etc.
        -Defense against Knife, at least we could hear peoples footsteps in BF2 and had time to react, this was much more fair, hope footsteps are back in BF4
        -flashbang gone nades, this was much more fair than the flash light debacle
        -the command communication hud/rose that was very useful in BF2 useless when it arrived in BF3 finally
        -little things that matter, horns on cars, come on guys how simple is that to do, it took a patch to bring it
        -I played the BF2 single player mode which had no story just the maps with bots, more than I played the single player mode on BF3
        - the cheating and aim bots people used, much more than BF2, i guess that is an ongoing battle for game makers

        I am not all negative, the graphics were awesome, sound (apart from missing footsteps) was awesome but that’s to be expected with next version of game, the destruction is awesome.


          Wow, that was a mouthful :) thanks for sharing! I too have a bitter taste with what EA did with the premium aspect. A bit to much greed, I’m sure they will be milking the BF4 cow for what its worth. I’ve heard people say BF4 should of been an expansion pack to BF3 because 4 looks very similar to 3…… Just a few more bells and whistles. EA has the rep of destroying games they touch (I’m looking at you SimCity). As I said, I’m a bit bitter. I hope BF4 can waste the taste out. Time will tell

        • Daniel Venter

          Hi I was wondering if I can talk to you about your views a bit for my next artikle. Shot DV