Assault Rifle Gameplay in Latest Battlefield 4 Build

This week, some members of the Battlefield YouTube community were invited out to the EA/DICE studios in LA to play and record the latest build of Battlefield 4, so we should expect to see some great content coming out over the next few days.  One of the first to post gameplay was LevelCap, who compiled a video of him testing out every assault rifle currently in the game.  From this assault rifle gameplay, we get to see these rifles in action and preview each of their amazing sound signatures.  His video also gives us a taste of various other things, such as hearing some of the Chinese voice overs, and a few other items I noticed:

* When on an objective, the objective indicator is still on the edge of your HUD, as we have seen in other builds.  However, there is now a “capturing” status bar that sits low mid-screen, just above your personal kill feed.  I also noticed that you slowly gain points during capturing.

* 5:02 – a pop-up indicates you can press the right mouse button to lean around cover, so the peek system they have previously mentioned appears to be a little more obvious now.

* 6:45 – this may have been seen in other gameplay, but this is the first time I noticed the new larger “grenade at feet” indicator.  It is certainly more significant than the glowing orange orb.

* 10:32 – when he goes to revive the squad mate and gets the option to pick up the support kit, the right side of the HUD has a preview of what primary weapon the kit has.

Let us know if you see any other useful info, and keep watching for more videos from this group.  October cannot come soon enough!

  • Cameron

    I don’t know if you’ve seen MackTheGun’s latest Pixel Enemy video, but the M16A3 has actually been removed from the game altogether and they are now only including the A4 burst variant.

    • Heplinger

      No, I haven’t seen that video yet, but I did see discussion of this on reddit. I think Demize99 also chimed in on that thread to say the recoil has been increased 25% or something like that. I think they did that with all the assault rifles to make them a little more challenging to fire. I have a feeling we may see more M416 or other ARs being used, though most burst fired the M16, even on full auto, so its effectiveness may not change much.

  • mrheemz

    The match ending music sounds like an epic action movie.