Battlefield 4 – All Weapons and Attachments for All Classes (Video)

The following video shows all weapons and attachments available (at least in Alpha) to all classes in Battlefield 4. The video below was taken at gamescom yesterday by a guest and he goes through all the weapons and add ons from the customize screen in game of Battlefield 4.

  • BullShooter

    Ah. it seems we have quite the variety of customization options for our weapons this time around. Good, good. Though one thing that did catch my eye was the 40x scope. That’s almost like a subliminal message that the maps are going to be bigger than what we usually play around on this time.

    • Chuma

      Caught my eye as well bro, they really strengthened the Recon class.

      • BullShooter

        Recon was in great need of it after the retarded nerf it was given in bf3. I mean hell, I’m not asking to be able to level a city on my own, but I’d at least like to not have to run away like a cockroach every time a tank rolls up.

  • Zachary Smith

    So the shorty is a sidearm… This is a bold day for Battlefield: The day we can carry 3 shotguns in one loadout!
    In all honesty though, that’s kinda cool. I’m REALLY liking the addition of the Five seveN, and it’s looking like the SCAR is going to get a little range (and hopefully damage) buff now that it’s an assault rifle rather than a carbine. The SV variant of the SCAR should be interesting too…
    I can’t believe the attachments we’re getting! Hopefully the IR sights are useful now!

  • Chuma

    Very Impressed

  • Discipline

    sure there are many weapons…but they’re fewer than BF3…not to mention the huge amount of BF2. I mean where are the FN f2000, HK g3, An-94 and many others. maybe they will be included in the future DLCs?

  • Lorenzo

    why do they completely skip support’s gadgets? highly upset at the moment