Battlefield 4 Alpha Reveals Three Possible New Game Modes

bf4-alpha-14While Battlefield 4 alpha trials in full swing, it was only a matter of time before participants found ways to uncover hidden information within the game files that have been provided. It appears someone has reverse engineered some information and posted it on Pastebin which shows a “Dumb of Info” according to the title. The data revealed that in addition to the regular game modes such as Conquest and Rush, the following modes are/may be available:

19.888 mp_npx_playground_prefab
10.528 mp_npx_elimination_prefab
32.608 mp_npx_obliteration_prefab

This basicly boils down to three additional, albeit rumored, game modes called “Playground”, “Elimination” and “Obliteration”. Please keep in mind that this is alpha trial information and alot, or none, can change before the official launch of Battlefield 4. Readers should not take this as a concrete confirmation that new game modes such as these will be featured when the game has finally released.

No official response from EA/DICE on the matter.

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