Battlefield 4 Battlelog Trailer

Battlelog TrailerAh, one of the greatest times in the days of waiting for a game release, a new trailer!

Today, EA/DICE released a new Battlelog trailer (sorry, no new real gameplay footage) Featuring a lot about the integration that you have in battlelog between your console/PC and your smartphone or tablet. Here are a couple of new features:

* Use your tablet as minimap while playing on your main system.

* Change the loadout in-game on your secondary device while you are dead, so you can eliminate that wasted time on the battlefield.

* Change servers instantly on your second device, without leaving the one you are currently.

* A new feature called “Missions”, which are challenges you can create to play between your friends, to see who is the best at certain aspects.

* Another new feature, my personal favorite, which is called “Geo-leaderboards”, so you can see where you rank in aspects of the game in your area, state, country, etc.

This is all very promising stuff. The Geo-leaderboards is a personal favorite of mine, and I would have loved to see that implemented in BF3, so that I can see how my Gun Master wins stack up against everyone else.

Clearly DICE is leaning heavily on using the secondary devices, and it seems to be working out for them. It is a feature in a major FPS game that has yet to be seen working at this level. Of course the biggest usage will be playing Commander on your tablet, and we haven’t seen a lot of that yet.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as there is more to come out for sure.

  • Peter

    this is gonna be awesome!!!!!!

  • Magilla187

    im in love with this new Battlelog it looks amazing

    • StallionStu

      are you PC or console? for some strange reason i just cant see them giving the console version an as in depth battle-log like they give PC… for example – the little things which were so easy to implement for console this Gen, for 1 – being able to change your ‘in-game’ name to stop trolls following you about…. its just the little things that make a big difference

      • Magilla187

        playing on Console as of now but i understand you, maybe things will be different this time around and from your other article BF4 collectors edition hasn’t yet been announced here in the US so I’m stuck with the regular limited edition,quite frankly i wanted to Battlepacks and i think things will be different if not i always have the PC im building

        • StallionStu

          i stand corrected my friend, collectors edition hasn’t been announced here either, yet. What PC you building (spec wise)? i’ve not long finished building mine and to be honest its not the best (spec wise) but hell its runs these games perfect.. dayz runs without problems and BF3 the same … but i just feel more ‘at-home’ gaming on my PS3 haha strange but its where the heart lies

          • Magilla187

            sorry for the confusion it hasnt been announced as it has in CZ And Australia i believe or UK but anywho the PC im currently building

            what i have so far:

            Corsair 650D OBSIDIAN case

            corsair Vengeance 16GB of RAM
            ASUS z77 Mobo

            Corsair Professional XT850 PSU

            GTX 760 OC

            Viewsonic 24″ LED lit monitor

            What i need:


            Corsair hydro series liquid cooler fan

            I7-3770K CPU


          • StallionStu

            nice rig !! fair play – i spent £700 but WHOAAA yours betters mine by almost double haha

          • Magilla187

            not really much it all comes down to how patient you are when it comes to building your PC i can wait because im buying a PS4 and a ton of games this holiday season and i wanna start a youtube page just for the fun of BF4 i love this game a lot so i would definitely enjoy making content for those who would view them wether it be on PC or on Console

          • StallionStu

            i’m a sucker for watching any sort of battlefield related content on you tube – even though there is loads out there it will be nice to see some fresh content.. battlefield 4 is going to be special in my opinion, cant wait for it haha but keep in touch and when your channel starts up i’ll be there to watch !!