Battlefield 4 Beta Feedback

Today’s Battlefield Blog post is a big thank you from DICE for all the Battlefield 4 beta feedback the community has provided these past couple weeks, and encouragement to continue providing suggestions, concerns, bug reports, etc. via the Battlefield 4 Beta Battlelog Feedback Forums.  I, for one, am very appreciative of DICE’s interaction with the community and how they are keeping us apprised of the games’s development over these final days.

This blog post in particular is very informative and provides a lot of information many among us will be exceptionally happy to hear.  They start off discussing the performance issues the community encountered in the beta, indicating the beta provided a lot of useful performance data, and has them on track to optimizing the game and eliminating a number of these problems.  Their writing is a little ambiguous, as they take care not to promise all issues are gone, as there is still the possibility for unforeseen or unusual issues with similar symptoms to those they fixed.  The post addresses the beta patches, which improved or eliminated problems for a number of players.  These patches also serve as proof that DICE, at least initially, is very dedicated to providing timely fixes to the game.

Other key fixes and changes DICE is making in response to the community’s feedback include:

* Teleporting elevators – the post actually indicates they were never intended to work this way.

* Increased revive time from 7 seconds to 10 seconds – this doesn’t seem like much, but that 3 seconds can make a big difference.

* Various weapon balancing tweaks, such as reducing the rate of fire of the AK12 in burst mode.

* Stinger and IGLA can now destroy an attack chopper in three hits (increased damage from 25% to 35%).

* Increased damage on the coaxial LMG on armored vehicles.

* Fixed misalignment of MBT reticle to actual path of shell.

* 40 mm and 25 mm grenade launchers as well as IFV main gun nerfed against vehicles to highlight main role as anti-infantry.

* RPG and SMAW no longer lock on to laser-designated targets – this was possibly the most controversial thing in the beta, and with all the other lock-on options, I believe this was a good decision for DICE to change.

* 90% maximum damage implemented for lock-on weapons against air vehicles implemented to eliminate the one hit kill and keep extinguisher a viable tool.

For all the details, be sure to check out Battlefield’s Blog post.

Josh, aka "Heplinger", is a father, PC gamer, and geek who enjoys the speculation and analysis of Battlefield content, as well as the discussion of the hardware behind it. He is content producer for Heplinger Gaming on YouTube, posting Battlefield and other gaming content.
  • Heplinger

    Bummer…captions didn’t work. That second image is supposed to say something along the lines of “maybe they can give my soldier some arms”. I didn’t get in a lot of play time in the beta, but I found some fun bugs.

    • Phobia256

      You are forgiven dear sir. Even without captions this fan site is 10 times better than BF4Central. Sorry I just had to say that, I’m so fed up with BF4Central…

      • Heplinger

        Much appreciated. I really love being a part of the bf4blog team; I feel like everyone here is just trying to share their enjoyment of this series. I started writing as a little hobby; the fact that people read, enjoy, and appreciate it is an awesome bonus!


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