Battlefield 4 beta spotted in Origin


The Battlefield 4 Beta is starting to show up on some people’s Origin account around the globe. The Beta it’s starting to appear on Premium members in both EU and US origin accounts you can see the screenshots below.

Those who pre-order the $70 Digital Deluxe edition of Battlefield 4 through the official website will also gain access to the Battlefield 4 beta, which will then appear grayed out on the Origin menu. If you bought Medal Of Honor: Warfighter or are a BF3 Premium subscriber then you will also gain access to the Battlefield 4 beta, however this will not yet unlock anything on Origin.

Nothing is confirmed yet and we don’t have a date on when the beta will go live, but considering the game is rumored (or debunked rumored) to be releasing late October, the beta date could be announced by DICE soon.

Expect the beta to be a staggered release, as those who gained access through separate means got access to the Battlefield 3 beta earlier than others.