Battlefield 4 CE-34878-0 error on PlayStation 4 adds to growing frustrations

bf4-ps4-errorAccording to numerous posts on Reddit and the official Battlefield 4 message boards, the PlayStation 4 version of the game keeps crashing and in some instances, the save game files are corrupted and players have to start over.

According to many users on the Battlefield 4 forums, players have been getting kicked out of games, and are getting shown error code CE-34878-0. Upon relaunch of the game, the game will load fine at first before telling you, the first time after receiving the initial error, that your save file has been corrupted and must be deleted. There have been reports that simply deleting the save files and then launching the game will solve the problem, but, for the most part, it only delays the inevitable from happening again.

There’s no information on what actually causes the error (called “CE-34878-0″), we only know that moments after players start the game, it crashes with error CE-34878-0 and goes back to the PlayStation 4 home screen. Yesterday, EA reported that Sony’s latest firmware actually resulted in some issues with games, but Sony has yet to comment on this.

PS4 users are by no means alone, PC users have been facing similar crash issues since the Oct 29th [failed] launch. A recent PC patch did result in some performance improvements, however it doesn’t seem to have alleviated the crash problems.

Is EA is trying to duck out of the spotlight by pointing the finger on a Sony firmware issue? Will the troubles of Battlefield 4′s launch failure continue when the Xbox One is released next week?


  • Psychosious

    I have been living this nightmare and I am thoroughly upset with both EA and Sony. This is unacceptable.

  • J Barnes

    I can’t even get to campaign or multiplayer… What’s going on?!?!