Battlefield 4 China Rising DLC coming December 3

China_Rising_PFT_web_1Battlefield 4′s second DLC, China Rising, will be released to Battlefield Premium subscribers on December 3. The expansion pack will be available to download for free to those who pre-ordered the game from participating retailers, however  it is not yet known when for those who pre-ordered. Non-Premium members will have to wait two weeks to purchase the expansion pack.

The release date is mentioned in the Premium content calendar located in the game’s menu.

China Rising is one of five expansion packs planned for Battlefield 4 and follow the release of “Second Assault”, which is a timed-exclusive for Xbox One when the console launches on November 22nd. Battlefield 4 will receive three additional DLCs: Naval Strike, Dragon’s Teeth, and Final Stand.

  • Phobia256

    This strikes me as odd. I doubt they would really plan to release 2 DLC’s in such short time span. In the past there has always been 3 months between DLC’s (except between B2K and CQ).

    • Scottie Richardson

      The whole Microsoft paying EA/DICE to give them what was planned to be the second DLC release (Second Assault) kind of messed the sequence up. China Rising launches about a month after the initial release of the game like Back to Karkand (which was also free with a preorder) did for BF3. I don’t think this article mentions when the PS4 is going to receive Second Assault. Maybe about three months after China Rising which would make everything normal again. Just speculating.

      • Phobia256

        Everything is becoming such a mess. Some countries are getting the PS4/XO in Q1 2014. So there is no point in timed exclusives until then anyway (assuming you’re patiented enough to wait for your PS4/XO before buying the ‘next gen’ games). The funny thing also is that there was no word on when Second Assault is coming ot the other platforms.