Battlefield 4: Engineer Class Unlocks

engineerEngineer Class Weapon Unlocks

The Engineer class has a lot more variation in anti-vehicle weapons. DICE has also revamped the way the game handles vehicle disables and guided weapon systems to give the Engineer a broader set of tactics at his disposal. This includes everything from high damage weapons that may be more challenging to use (like RPG-7V2) to fire-and-forget smart weapons with low damage (like the MBT LAW), and the fan favorite Wire Guided Engineer Missile (the FGM-172 SRAW) that you might recognize from Battlefield 2

Item Score Desc.
repair tool Default Hand held oxy-fuel welding and cutting torch that repairs friendly vehicles and damages enemy vehicles and infantry.
m15 at mine 7,000 High Explosive Anti-Tank mine that detonates when vehicles pass by in close proximity. Capable of a Mobility Kill on even the heaviest armored vehicles
carbine 15,000 Unlocks the AK 5C and Carbines for All Kits. Use the AK 5C to unlock additional Carbines.
fim-92 stinger 24,000 Fire and Forget Anti-Air missile capable of Mobility Kills on most aircraft at short range. STINGER missiles will guide themselves to the target after launch.
offensive 33,000 LEVEL 1: SPRINT: Increases maxiumum Sprint Speed by 10%

LEVEL 2: AMMO: Increases maximum inventory of Bullets by 50%

LEVEL 3: GRENADES: Increases maximum inventory of Hand Grenades by 1

LEVEL 4: REDUCED FALL: Increases height you can Fall without Damage

rpg-7v2 43,000 Powerful rocket-propelled Anti-Vehicle launcher capable of disabling even heavily armored vehicles from the sides and rear.
sa-18 igla 53,000 Anti-Air missile capable of Mobility Kills on most aircraft at medium range. Launcher must maintain lock until the missile hits the target.
mechanic 64,000 LEVEL 1: FAST REPAIR: Increases speed and sabotage of Repairs by 35%

LEVEL 2: FLAK: Decreases damage from explosions by 15%

LEVEL 3: COVER: Decreases amount of Incoming Suppression by 50%

LEVEL 4: REPAIR UNIT: Occupied vehicles will slowly Repair nearby Vehicles

m2 slam 74,000 Selectable Lightweight Attack Munition usable as either an off-route Anti-Tank mine or a traditional land mine. Blast damage is less than the M15, but is still capable of a Mobility Critical on heavily armored vehicles.
eod bot 85,000 Remote-controlled Explosive Ordnance Disposal which can repair friendly vehicles, sabotage enemy assets, disarm explosives, and arm or disarm Rush objectives.
mk153 smaw 96,000 High speed, low drag Anti-Vehicle launcher with flatter trajectory but lower damage than the RPG-7V2. Most effective against the sides and rear of armored targets.
anti-tank 108,000 LEVEL 1: MINES: Increases maximum inventory of AT Mines or M2 SLAM to 6

LEVEL 2: ROCKETS: Increases maximum inventory of AT and AA ammo to 7

LEVEL 3: MORE DEPLOYED EXPLOSIVES Increases maximum deployed Explosives to 6

LEVEL 4: FLAK: Decreases damage from explosions by 15%

fgm-148 javelin 119,000 Guided Anti-Tank missile launcher that locks on to land vehicles. Warhead does medium damage to armor from any angle of attack. Launcher must maintain lock until the missile hits the target.
fgm-172 sraw 131,000 The Wire-Guided Anti-Tank missile launcher can be manually guided to the target as long as the launcher is in aimed mode. Capable of locking on to laser-designated targets.

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