Battlefield 4 Classic Mode preset is here!

Classic Mode Server FilterOnce upon a time, we discussed what a “Classic Mode” might consist of and how the community might accept it should DICE create a server preset (like Normal and Hardcore) for this mode. Server admins have been able to set up their servers to operate with the “classic” settings, but they have been few and far between, and not always easy to find.

With the recent “Fall Patch” that implemented many things from the CTE, such as triage (revive timer), and improved HUD settings, DICE also added the Classic Mode preset. In a recent blog post about it, Battlefield explained what the preset is:

* No 3D spotting (no doritos, but you still have a minimap, and spotted enemies will show there).

* 100% health, but no regeneration.

* Squad leader spawn.

* Mag pool reloading (you lose the remaining ammo in your mag when you reload).

* No third-person vehicle camera.

* Friendly fire is off by default.

* Killcam is disabled by default.

Classic mode feels a bit more like Normal mode, but with some of the better (read: more realistic) features of Hardcore, such as no 3D spotting and no health or vehicle regeneration without teamwork. This means, we aren’t simply shooting at floating red triangles, but we have to see our enemy (I never realized how much I rely on those doritos), and squads must work together more to survive. So, click that box on your server filter and give it a try!


Josh, aka "Heplinger", is a father, PC gamer, and geek who enjoys the speculation and analysis of Battlefield content, as well as the discussion of the hardware behind it. He is content producer for Heplinger Gaming on YouTube, posting Battlefield and other gaming content.