Battlefield 4 – Classic Server Setting

A recent chat log at MordorHQ with DICE team member Darklord revealed some useful information about how servers will work in Battlefield 4.  This also appears to be a response to the outcry and feedback from Battlefield fans, much like the recent Beta Feedback blog post. While it will not be a preset setting for which we can filter, servers will be able to run in a more “classic” setting.  There will be three server types: Official (default BF4 setting, much like we saw in Beta), Ranked (settings tweaked within certain boundaries), and Unranked (password-protected private servers, and servers running admin scripts and/or with settings changed outside set limits).  It is not yet clear what the limits will be for the ranked/unranked distinction, though it has been suggested this will happen automatically as settings are changed.  For instance, if an admin changed vehicle respawn so that a new one appears when the old one is destroyed, their server will theoretically become unranked.

Certain settings allowed on ranked servers, allowing for this emulated “classic mode”, quoted from Cheshire cat’s Mordor forum post:

* 3-D spotting on/off – Turning it off immediately makes the server label ‘hardcore’

* magazine pool as opposed to ammo pool

* health regen on/off – DarkLord wasn’t sure whether this also included vehicles.

* Squad leader spawning only on/off

* Change the ticket bleed rate

These settings will make the server hardcore, which we had in Battlefield 3 (minus the magazine pool and ticket bleed changes).  What makes makes this a “classic setting” is the information Cheshire cat provides next, “So I know what you’re thinking; “If these settings fall under ‘hardcore’ mode, won’t we have to suffer with even lower TTK?!”  That’s the beauty of it, you can set the TTK to 100% and keep the server settings, despite it being ‘hardcore’.

What this all boils down to is that server admins will have a variety of option for the setup of their ranked servers. However, it appears these options will primarily be enable/disable of certain features, meaning we may not see as much of the stats boosting servers in Battlefield 4.  “Badmin”-ing will still be a possibility, though, as ranked servers will allow admins to kill, kick, and ban as they see fit.  Hopefully, either the server browser or Better Battlelog will offer us ways to rate or at least block servers with abusive admins.  Official servers, on the other hand, will not allow admins to kill, kick, or ban, based on the discussions I have seen so far.  It is not clear if they intend for the anti-cheat software to weed out the troublemakers, or if there might be some form of votekick or other means to keep the game fun.

At this point, it appears unlikely DICE will set up any form of classic preset for servers.  Among the variety of reasons why is the fact that many cannot agree on what constitutes “classic”.  Hopefully, the server browser will make it easy to see, filter, and evaluate a server’s settings to find what we want.  I know my favorites will likely include a variety of server settings.  I look forward to trying something along the lines of this “classic” setting.

What kind of servers do you look forward to, and what do you think about the information known so far regarding BF4 servers?  Let us know in the comments, or bug me on Twitter.

  • Aria68

    I mostly prefer the official ones, however something it is enjoyable to play the high ticket TDM …

    • Heplinger

      I have a feeling ticket count may be one of those things that makes a server unranked.
      They may allow some modification of the percentage, but I doubt we will see 1,000+ ticket servers.

  • Phobia256

    Do you know what with will happen with adaptive player count scripts? Personally I wouldn’t miss it since it makes server filtering a bit easier.

    • Heplinger

      Honestly, I am not really sure. They mention administrator scripts being something that changes a server to unranked, but I do not know if this applies to all scripts. I am also curious whether it applies to custom auto balancing and similar procon scripts and controls.

  • Cowboys Suck

    Getting kicked from a server b/c you roll in and start spanking that ass is obnoxious, those pussies need to be stopped.

    • Heplinger

      It appears that will no longer be an issue if you play the “Official” servers (though there is not word whether or not there will be a vote kick system for the hackers, glitchers, etc. that don’t get kicked by PB or Fair Play). Getting kicked for being good might still be an issue on Ranked servers, though.

  • Lafarge

    Does anyone know whether I can host my own BF4 server? I have the kit, and hosting, just need a how-to…

    • Heplinger

      If you are asking if you can directly host on your own computer/server, then no. The only way to “host” a server is to rent one from one of the EA/DICE-approved Game Server Providers, such as or

  • Gary Griggs

    I get tired of all the faggot servers out there when they get their ass beat they kick you….Battlefield 3 was famous for that. I do prefer the official servers.

  • Heplinger

    It’s funny…as much as I saw people begging for a Classic Mode preset on Reddit threads, it seems hard to find many servers with these settings.