Battlefield 4: Confirmed facts about the game so far .. post E3


VampireVendetta over at reddit has put together the most complete list of confirmed facts or tidbits about Battlefield 4, post E3, to date. He has given BF4Blog permission to share this findings with the masses that have not stumbled across it on reddit. We encourage you to head over there and participate in the conversation of over 300 comments thus far.

NOTE: information contained in this post is based on information from E3 event, live streams and interviews with DICE employees as well as input from users of this sub-reddit. Information posted may be subject to change as it is based on Pre-Alpha game information.

If you spotted anything that is not on this list, please visit VampireVendetta’s master list over at reddit.


  • Release Date: Oct 29th 2013
  • Possible PC Beta Date: Sep 29th 2013
  • Available for: PC, XBOX ONE, PS4, XBOX 360 and PS3.

Two confirmed DLC/Expansions (*to be released one week early for XBOX ONE players).

  • DLC 1: China Rising (*available free of charge with pre-order of BF4)
  • DLC 2: Second Assault: This will feature 4 fan favorite maps from BF3

Player Count Max Settings. PC/ XBOX ONE / PS4 : 64+2 players (additional 2 slots for Commanders). Xbox 360 and PS3 will be 24+2 players max. (additional 2 slots for Commanders)


Credit to Autosynthesis @
Credit to ww2kev @ reddit

Assault Rifles

QBZ-95-1 - Seen in this leaked Alpha image.
CZ805 - Carried by the player in the E3 Multiplayer Gameplay video.
M16A3 - Appears in soldier’s hands in ‘Fishing in Baku’ gameplay trailer.
AEK-971 - Appears in ‘Fishing in Baku’ gameplay trailer at 9:00.
HK416 - Seen used by a squadmate in “Fishing in Baku” Trailer
AK5C - Used by player at E3 2013 SP demo.


M4A1 - Appears in ‘Fishing in Baku’ gameplay trailer.
AK5C – Seen in “Angry Sea” Trailer, Multiplayer Trailer, E3 Footage

Sniper Rifles

Steyr Scout Elite - Seen in this leaked Alpha image.
QBU-88 - Seen in this leaked Alpha image.
SV-98 - Seen in this leaked Alpha image.
Kel-Tec RFB - Seen falling out of a UH-1 in the E3 Multiplayer Gameplay video.


Mk. 46 Mod. 0 - Seen in “Fishing in Baku” Trailer
Ultimax-100 - Seen in this leaked Alpha image. Also seen at E3 demo.
M249 Para - Appears in ‘Fishing in Baku’ gameplay trailer, possible MK.46
Type-88 LMG - Seen in this leaked Alpha image.

Submachine guns

CZ3A1 - Used by a player in the Commander mode trailer.
P90 - Carried by a player in the E3 Multiplayer Gameplay video.
U-100 M5K


M9A1 - Seen in this leaked Alpha image.
QSZ-92 - - Appears in ‘Fishing in Baku’ gameplay trailer.
MP412 REX - - Seen in this leaked Alpha image.


Serbu Super Shorty - Seen in “Fishing in Baku” Trailer
Saiga-12 - Used by player at E3 2013 SP demo.
Hawk 12 Gauge - Used by the player in the Commander mode trailer.
M26 MASS - - Seen in the UI of the E3 Multiplayer Gameplay video.
Remington 870 - Appears as a Serbu Super Shorty Remington 870 in ‘Fishing in Baku’ gameplay trailer.

Other Weaponry

Milkor MGL Mk 1S - Appears in ‘Fishing in Baku’ gameplay trailer.
M320 - Appears in ‘Fishing in Baku’ gameplay trailer.
RPG-7 - Carried by a player in the E3 Multiplayer Gameplay video.
FIM-92 Stinger - Carried by a player in the E3 Multiplayer Gameplay video.
XM25 - Seen in E3 Footage
SRAW - Seen in E3 Footage
C4 - Seen in this leaked Alpha Image.

Grenades / Hand thrown

M67 - Seen in all trailers and E3 Footage. Hand thrown fragmentation grenade
M34 WP - Seen in E3 Footage- White Phosphorus, also known as  “Whiskey Pete”, a hybrid smoke incendiary grenade which “Explodes with a cloud of fire damaging any targets in the area of effect”
MTN-55 -  Motion sensor ball

Bladed Weaponry

M9 Bayonet Used as a knife, not mounted on weapons.
Improvised “Shank” type weapon – Shown here


  • Premium add on confirmed
  • VoIP for PC
  • Battlepacks: Through the course of their multiplayer career, players will receive Battlepacks containing random >combinations of new camos, dog tags, knives, XP boosts, and gun attachments. These items are >designed to add customization options while not being game-changing. Credit to u/AdiAir
  • Motion sensor balls for Recon
  • C4 for Recon class
  • C4 can now be thrown (at a limited distance)
  • Customizable secondary weapons (i.e barrels for pistols, sights and camos)
  • Suppressing a Recon only possible by Support class (making players screen blur)
  • 5 person squads
  • Knife attacks can be blocked / countered
  • 2 types of med packs. A smaller one which can be tossed to trapped teammate or stuck onto a passerby
  • Levolution of buildings is not scripted, requires team effort
  • Spectator Mode (Confirmed for “nextgen” consolessubmitted by u/phresch
  • Flash bangs
  • Incendiary grenades
  • Weapons (pistols) can now be fired while swimming
  • Kill assists of 90+ now count as kills. Possibly counting as kills for both players, also possibly on kills assists above 50
  • Angled grip – better initial recoil
  • Vertical grip/Fore grip – better movement while aiming
  • Ability to click on a base on the map to spawn there
  • 3 team factions, USA, Russia and China
  • You can shoot fire extinguishers to get a smokescreen (note: awesome)
  • Sprint swimming and ability to dive underwater for stealth
  • Players can shot underwater. Unknown if physics will change
  • Dynamic environment, area will remain dusty/cloudy after heavy damage or demolition of a building
  • Addition of side sights (side mounted iron sights) to primary guns for closed quarters combat (will not distort FOV)
  • Addition of working elevators.
  • Addition of deploy-able road blocks for stopping road traffic.
  • Perk bar reset on squad wipe
  • Tugs and Soflam to return.
  • Coyote scope added.
  • Attack boat pilot controls the Tow and main gun
  • Attack boat side-seaters control mini-guns on either side
  • Boats feature two 4 seat jet skis built into the rear
  • Engineers can now have AT-Mines and repair torch equipped at the same time.
  • Reloading magazines cause you to lose the remaining ammo inside it (possibly only in hardcore mode)
  • Call outs now reveal position of enemy (*i.e enemy machine gunner to the west)
  • Recorder for PS4 and XBOX ONE believed to be using console DVR.
  • Green laser sight added for improved stealth. (red laser sight still present)
  • Red dot and Green dot “type” sights added to pistols


  • Vehicles now have an ammo limit (i.e primary gun on Abrams only has 6 shells) (will reload slowly over time, Secondary gun does not seem to run out, only over heat )
  • Tires can be shot out, making it harder to steer and operate a vehicle.
  • Vehicles can be disabled
  • Helicopters have night vision
  • The Russian Mi-28 Attack Helicopter
  • The Russian VDV Buggy
  • The Chinese ZFB05 Light Armored Vehicle
  • The American Cougar H MRAP
  • The American UH-1Y Venom Utility Helicopter
  • The American H-1Z viper Attack Helicopter
  • The American F/A-18 Hornet Jet Fighter
  • The American V-22 Osprey Tiltrotor-Aircraft
  • The American AC-130 Gunship
  • The RHIB boat
  • The Riverine Command Boat
  • The DV-15 Interceptor Patrol Boat
  • The Jet Ski
  • The Chinese Type 98 MBT
  • The Chinese J-20 Jet
  • The Chinese WZ-10 Helicopter
  • The Chinese Harbin Z-9 transport
  • The American LAV
  • The American M1 Abrams (Unknown variant)
  • The American AMTRAC

also worth noting vehicle wise is that there are 2 types of UAV’s controlled by the Commanders. For the purpose of spotting and for destroying each others’ UAV


(these are things you can do, set or change from the users menu)

  • Spectator mode and/or battle recorder
  • Player ping
  • Ability to mute an annoying player in chat/voip
  • Player tags
  • Player kit
  • In game team balancer – one that actually works
  • In game votekick/voteban options


  • Two modes, COMMANDER MODE and MOBILE COMMANDER, Commander mode confirmed for PC at this time, Mobile Commander confirmed for tablets (known tablets listed below). Sorry, no phones mentioned
  • One commander per team, these 2 players do not take up a slot, can not be killed like in bf2 while playing as Commander.
  • Commander can use a mini-screen to see what every soldier on the map is seeing.
  • MOBILE COMMANDER VERSION Controlled only via tablet device, no mobile phones.
  • Confirmed to work with Apple Ipad/Ipad Mini, Google Nexus and Samsung Galaxy Tab. (I would also asume it to Work with Asus Nexus)
  • Features such as Tomahawk missiles andC-130 gunner ship are based on objectives taken.
  • Commander can give orders to squad leaders, who can accept or refuse the order


as suggested by u/HARRO_PR3ASE

  • Sprint swimming
  • Short dives while swimming
  • Ability to fire a side arm while swimming on surface
  • Recon class has ability to “peak” up over an object and fire while taking cover, possible that other classes may have this too.
  • Spotting now has a hand gesture and will spot multiple targets at once, eliminating the need to spam the spot key (and in my case annoy my wife with the constant “i have spotted an enemy machine gunner in you AO” playing over and over again)
  • base jumping / parachute mechanic has changed, you can see player pulling the rip cord after changing to a head first positon
  • Knifing animation has changed, and also features a counter knife feature. Currently counter knife only works from frontal attacks. Alpha game play has only shown one type of take down animation, but likely there are multiples as before.

Tossing a grenade animation has changed, looks more like throwing a baseball now. (looks better to me*)

*Automated sliding doors at building and shops.


  • All classes have access to carbines and designated marksman rifles.
  • Recon class has the ability to Zero a weapon (info here) submitted by u/terrorstormed
  • When capturing a base, the radius for being in the capture zone has increased and the icon of the base no longer enlarges and blocks the players view.
  • Updates to net coding to smooth out game play and reduce “rubber banding” (source: LevelCap’s Youtube Video from E3)
  • Being killed by a jet, Viper, or road vehicle will now displayed as killed by “vehicle name” instead of just “killed”
  • The ability to c4 boats in the water
  • Defibrillators need to be charged before use. (done to reduce revive spamming)
  • 60fps on next-gen consoles
  • Weapons stats now displayed in the in-game load out menu
  • Ability to spawn on a squad mate who is in water
  • Glitch that doesn’t allow chained knife take downs to work seems fixed.
  • Suicide in options menu is changed to “Redeploy”


As suggested by u/Chitect


  • PLD “Designates targets for homing weapons like the Javelin and RPG-7v2″
  • Motion Sensor


  • XM25 “Fires 25mm grenades that can explode mid-flight creating a devastating burst taking out lighter targets behind cover. First aim down he sights at the cover, then lift your sights and fire over the cover, the grenade will explode on the other side.”
  • Ammo Box (large) “A crate filled with ammunition. All comrades nearby will start having their ammo cache restored for all their weapons and gadgets.”
  • Ammo Pack (small) “Picking it up will replenish some ammo for the soldiers main weapon and sidearm.


  • RPG-7V2 “Fires a heavy rocket specialized in doing as much damage as possible around anywhere it impacts. Can also lock-on to laser designated targets.”
  • Can have the repair torch and AT-Mines equipped at the same time.


  • Medic Bag (large) “Deploy a crate of first aid supplies. Any comrades nearby will start regaining health at an increased speed.”
  • First aid pack (small) “Will heal a soldier to full health over a short time span.”
  • No support for modifications at this time.
  • Blue tint not present at this time.


  • Section under construction


  • Info hopefully coming soon. But please note the 64 computers used at E3 featured AMD FX8350 processor and Two AMD 7990′s for GPU’s.