More Battlefield 4 content to come – 6th DLC?

rsz_bf4-road-ahead-1Battlefield hyped up a super special announcement for earlier today. It has finally been revealed, and the announcement is…they will announce something later! That’s right, they made an announcement that they will make an announcement.

All joking aside, what was actually announced is that there will be more Battlefield 4 content, specifically noting in the blog post that, “Final Stand is not the end.” Now, this leaves a lot of room for speculation, as “more content” could technically mean more double-XP weekends and free battlepacks. However, the reference to Final Stand, a survey about what classic Battlefield maps the player base enjoys (by the way, go vote), and hints from certain developers (namely, David Sirland, or @Tiggr_), this is intended to be a big thing meant to really please the community and is believed by many to be an unscheduled 6th DLC.

In a certain reddit post regarding David Sirland’s Twitter comment thought to be “backing off” the possibility of it being a 6th DLC, @Tiggr_ himself joined in the discussion to say there was a lot more planned for today’s announcement, but for business reasons, the best details of the announcement have been postponed. This means that, whatever the announcement is, it could have significant enough effects on either the stock price of the company, or on the company’s accounting for the revenues and expenses of the game, that the announcement must be postponed to put those effects off until year-end.

There is a good argument that this “business impact” of the announcement of additional Battlefield 4 content is in fact a plan to create more DLC. It is unclear whether this would be premium content or not, but again, the argument is that it will be. Creating additional premium (paid) content would mean more potential revenue for Battlefield 4 and thus impact the stock price. It also means that those that bought Premium will receive this DLC as part of their premium membership. This would create a deferred revenue situation for those premium revenues, impacting the company’s revenue for the current year. Of course, all sorts of things are possible with these future announcements, and they may go well beyond a 6th DLC. However, it would seem quite probable that will be at least part of the announcements yet to come.