Battlefield 4 could get Playstation 4 mouse & keyboard support

Wireless-Kekyboard-and-MouseAs with the Playstation 3, the next generation console from Sony will support keyboard and mouse inputs via USB and/or Bluetooth.  Whether or not you will be able to use these peripherals within a specific game is solely dependent on the game itself.  You can usually find compatibility information printed on the packaging.

According to DICE producer Aleksander Grøndal, the developers of Battlefield 4 are open to mouse and keyboard support on Playstation 4. This topic was briefly discussed when talking with AusGamers.

AusGamers: Now I’m not sure if anyone really talks about this, but native mouse and keyboard support was available for the PS3 if developers implemented it. I’m not sure about the PS4, but is that something you guys think about? Is it just baked into the product anyway? 

Aleksander: We have mouse and keyboard support for the PC obviously, but I can’t speak now specifically for next gen consoles. But if it makes sense in the Battlefield universe, for a Battlefield game, we’ll consider it.

  • Cameron

    Do you know if you can use any old mouse & keyboard or would it have to be ones made specifically for the console?

  • Anthony

    So basically a console isn’t much of a console anymore. They are much closer to being PCs then they ever have been before. Why keep calling them consoles? Why not call them Media Centers lol.

  • Nate Heely

    not a good idea this would force you to have to get one to be competitive online because a mouse and keyboard is much faster than a controller. you wouldn’t be able to beat anyone with a controller. everyone is going to have carpel tunnel lol

  • Mikko

    He didn’t say they are open to the idea. He gave a reply that means nothing at all.

    If you had a brain you’d realise it will never happen – playing with keyboard&mouse would make everyone using a controller your bitch.

    But console gamers don’t want to play with a keyboard&mouse. It’d be impossible for most, as consoles tend to be located in the living room.

    Adding this feature would lose them millions in sales and take a really high spot in the hall of EA’s epic fails.

    • Magilla187

      well thats a lie i use A similar setup on the PS3 version of BF3 when i play with friends because i also play PC the controller isnt for everyone i use the frag fx and that helped me into PC gaming easier so a lot of console gamers do somewhat like the KB&M

      • Mikko

        Good for you, but the point still stands that most gamers don’t have the opportunity to use that setup.

        But I guess if the game has good enough autoaim, it won’t matter that much what controllers people use, as hitting people is a trivial thing anyway, right? Just tune up that autoaim for BF4. Console gamers don’t care about skill or competition anyway, right? :p

        • Magilla187

          now we both know thats a lie and we both know it, im first and foremost a console game and pc gamer last and i do care about skill and competition i actually enjoy console more with a controller now im not saying that KB&M is bad or good but it should be left as an option for those who want to use it, not to mention its harder to use a controller then it is to use a KB&M thats just easy mode and it kills me when pc gamers say it takes skill to play on PC well it takes more skill to play on console with a controller