Battlefield 4 countdown clock

Bf4 countdown

A few months back, the official release date of Battlefield’s latest installment was surrounded by speculation, conjecture,  and a whole lotta rumors around the water cooler and interwebs. Fast forward to earlier this month, we now know that the official release date.

To help us all remember the date, ADK Gaming has created A countdown timer set to go off on the big day, 12:00am on  October 29, 2013.

The following is from the ‘About’ link on the site:
“This site was created by the graphics team at ADK Gaming just for the love of Battlefield and its upcoming release. We thought it would nice to have a little countdown clock as the time approaches for the next installment in the series. While this site may look like it is directly from EA/Dice is it not. This page is not supported or affiliated by EA/Dice even though it would be nice to have their blessing. This page is simply a splash page for fans like us at ADK Gaming to have a countdown for the upcoming release  Thanks for coming by this page and give a tweet or like if you can to spread the word of its existence. Cheers guys and hope to see you on the new battlefield soon!”

  • ADKGamers

    Thanks for the post. If you guys want a smaller countdown clock, let us know and we’ll see what we can do for you. Since I think our “usage” countdown clock is a little bigger than your sidebar. Thanks again, and keep up the great work with the site! Lookin good. :)

    • Branden Cusolle

      Thanks! We will let you know :) Countdown clock is very well done btw, I thought dice made it when first writing this article

      • ADKGamers

        No problem, thank you for the great comments. Our GFX team definitely put a lot of work into it to make it look that way. So it’s great to hear comments like that. Also, check out the “Affiliates” section on the site for a little surprise. Look forward to hearing from you if you need anything else! Thanks again!

  • Pepsi

    Thank you again for posting the site on your blog and as a token of appreciation we have added you as a affiliate on the BFCountdown site in return. Thanks again for the support and hope to see you on the new battlefield soon!

  • blahdamon

    this is inaccurate. use the origin coundown. this is 3 hours ahead.