Battlefield 4 dog tags?

Battlefield 4 pre-order dog tags.We already know that the Battlefield 3′s knifing system is going to be implemented into Battlefield 4, but what are the dog tags going to be like?

My favorite pastime on Battlefield 3 was collecting dog tags, of which I’ve spent hours stabbing people in the back while shooting every gun I could get my hands on to obtain a lovely collection of dog tags. So when I saw the 17 minute trailer I didn’t know what to think. The one thing I really didn’t want was to find all of the dog tags were the same. Then I thought again and realized no matter how much EA chokes DICE, they’ll still be able to come out with some new dog tags. As we already know those who pre-order are going to receive there own dog tags.

If you have any Ideas I’d love to know.