Battlefield 4 Easter Egg Locations: Campaign and Multiplayer

battlefield-4-easter-egg-bf4Battlefield 4 Easter Eggs either hidden objects, specific events that must be triggered by the player(s), or hidden messages that can be found in the game. Some are not hard to find, while others are either hidden from view or require coordination between multiple players to trigger.

With a history of including Easter Eggs in previous games, there is little doubt that DICE has a treasure of them hidden in Battlefield 4.

There are two rather large Easter Egg hunts going on right now by the BF4 community which is producing a handful of discovered clues. A few of which are shown below in the embedded YouTube videos, more can be found on Reddit if you’re interested in helping. Alien spaceship on Hainan Resort? Megalodon (giant shark) on Paracel Storm?

This article will be updated as more Easter Eggs get uncovered and documented. Know of any that are not shown here? Sound off in the comments below and be sure to add a pic or video.

The megalodon search is over. The giant shark was added in Battlefield 4′s Naval Strike DLC, on the Nansha Strike map.

Dinosaur Easter Egg – How to trigger the Easter Eggs and the various sound files that can play in Battlefield 4 on the Rogue Transmission

China Rising Easter Eggs. Note the odd braille-like markings (starts at 3:30 in the video)

Campaign (and a few MP) Easter Eggs.

[UPDATE 1/15/14] Exploding Ship!

There is a huge search going on for the rumored alien spaceship Easter Egg on Hainan Resort.

Is this video of knifing basket balls somehow connected?

The Phantom Prospect and the rumored Megalodon Easter Egg can be found on our “Phantom Prospect” and “Phantom Program” Assignment post here, or click the image below.

 phantom prospect



  • Peter

    what if the megalodon easter egg is only going to appear on the Naval DLC????

    • Campbell

      That’d make sense.

    • sabe00

      it is

  • Paul

    I know this is probably a long shot but I feel that the wind turbine has something to do with it on Paracel Storm
    If you look at the Map screen it shows a Wind Turbine to the left of E…… and when you swim out to the ship/turbine levolution event it doesn’t appear on the map screen. The turbine that DOES appear on your map is the next one further out.
    Why have they marked out only ONE wind turbine on the map, and NOT the one that has the boat attached to it?

    Also, I have heard that if you go to the tower towards the North there are boxes with shark fins in it. There is also a scrawled 1015 message. There is also a Rocket Launcher at the top. If you look 1015 meters south you see Point E. If you take the Rocket Launcher and head to E and shoot the flock of birds with the rocket launcher it kills them in a big mess of blood. Could this be part of it? I haven’t tried all of these but thought I would share them. :)

    • EnderDoge

      maybe after you killed the birds you need to shoot the rocket launcher towards the windmill so it collapes and then the shark appears?

    • sabe00

      after the levolution, the map would not be the same afterwards so they didn’t add it in the map

  • Leonardo

    very cool! саня пидор

  • Sasha Toropenko

    Really cool
    p.s.диса тот еще еблан

  • james

    I just thought while i was playing that maybe the megladon has something to do with the parrots that are on many of the trees in paracel storm maybe shoot all of them or something??!!

  • sabe00

    the hanain resort easter egg