Battlefield 4 Europe release date hinted [UPDATE: Gamestop too]

rsz_battlefield-4_1920x1080[UPDATE] Gamestop is apparently adding fuel to this rumor.

The Europe release date for Battlefield 4 has been hinted as October 31, 2013 by Origin.  According to a screenshot of the German marketplace of EA’s Origin, the game will be hitting shelves in Europe on Halloween.

The North American release date has also been said to be set as October 29th, and as the European release date for EA games usually falls a couple of days after the American release, coupled with EA’s intentions of getting Battlefield to the market before Activision’s Call of Duty, it seems that these dates are likely to be true.

Since the UK normally sees games released on a Friday, so it seems safe to predict that the release dates are as follows:

NA: 29th October
EUR: 31st October
UK: 1st November

Release dates for next generation consoles are not known as yet.


Here is an image of the release date shown by Origin. You can pre-order Battlefield 4 for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 now.