Battlefield 4: Fast XP – 10 Tips To Rank Up Fast


How to earn more XP, rank up / level up faster, and unlock all those wonderful toys in Battlefield 4.

boost-item-200_web__smallBF4 Ranking Tip No. 1:
XP Stacking

You know those XP boosts you receive in Battlepacks? Save those bad boys for a double XP weekend. They stack!

25% boost = 125 + 2x xp = 250 xp per kill
50% boost = 150 + 2x xp = 300 xp per kill
100% boost = 200 + 2x xp = 400 xp per kill
200% boost = 300 + 2x xp = 600 xp per kill

Using this tactic with a weekend long marathon of Operation Locker = Wow!


BF4 Ranking Tip No. 2:
Party Up and Play as a Squad

We know, we know, getting a full squad of friends together isn’t always possible and you’re often playing with randoms. But the bottom line is you’ll see a huge increase in experience points earned when you do play BF4 with people you know and you play together as a squad.

A big reason why is because DICE has cleverly built in squad-based experience point bonuses. Assist someone on your team with killing an enemy, and you’ll earn extra points. Assist a squadmate with killing an enemy and it gets bumped up more!

Friends are more likely to stick together and play as a real squad, and the result, based on our experience with the game, is double the amount of XP earned in an average match. So fill those Battlelog Friends lists, party up when you spot buddies online, and earn that hefty XP bonus at the end of a match for being the best squad.

g430-gaming-headset-imagesBF4 Ranking Tip No. 3:
Plug in That Mic and Use It

Plug in that mic and hurdle a major Battlefield obstacle: communication.

Communication is critical in Battlefield, and there’s no better way to do it than with a headset and microphone. However, many gamers are at a loss for how to get their voice on. Courtesy of the developer, here are the steps you should follow.

When your team is working together and communicating with mics, the amount of XP typically gathered in a single match was triple that of playing with randoms and not using voice. Bottom line: there is no faster way to earn XP in BF4 than to effectively communicate using voice chat.

bf4-class-phychologyBF4 Ranking Tip No. 4:
Do Your Class’s Job, and Be Flexible

Hey man, you need ammo?

First and foremost, when you’re choosing which class to play at the beginning of a match, check to see the classes your squadmates are using. Sure, you prefer playing as an LMG-toting Support soldier, but if even one of your squadmates is already playing as Support, you’ll lose out on opportunities to earn XP for dropping ammo. The name of the game here is XP, and you’ll earn more if you play as a class that’s not already being used. Be flexible. You may not get one class unlocked as quickly as you would like, but you just might find how fun it is to play as another.

Once you’ve got your class and load-out, do your job. DICE has done a terrific job in BF4 giving each class specific jobs to do, and if you do those things, you’ll quickly rack up the XP. Engineers should repair vehicles, Assault should revive and drop health packs, Support should drop ammo, and Recon should drop motion detectors and radio beacons. And be sure to drop ammo and health packs in choke points so they get the most traffic.

DICE once again gives special bonuses if your kits are used by squadmates. For example, Assault’s health pack earns you 10 points when it’s picked up by a teammate, but 20 points when picked up by a squadmate. Similar bonuses are awarded for repairing squad vehicles as the Engineer, resupplying your squad as Support, and earning motion tracker assists as Recon. Do your job for your squad and you’ll earn XP much faster than you would by simply pulling the trigger.

suppressBF4 Ranking Tip No. 5:

One man suppression army.

One gameplay mechanic in Battlefield 4 is the ability to suppress enemies, and it doesn’t just allow you to protect your friends from accurate enemy fire thanks to its screen-blurring effect, it allows you to earn XP, a fairly solid amount, in fact. Suppress an enemy that’s killed by your squadmate and you’ll be awarded healthy experience points – more than you would receive for a standard assist.

Every class can suppress an enemy, but if you’re running around with a light machine gun as Support, make sure suppression is one of the top jobs you add to your list, and watch your overall XP earnings get a solid boost.

spotting-bonus-bf4BF4 Ranking Tip No. 6:

You’ve got an enemy lined up in your sights, what’s the first thing you do? If you answered, “Pull the trigger,” you’re not earning as much XP as you should in BF4.

Battlefield’s Spot mechanic allows you to make enemy locations known to your teammates and earn XP. Target a baddie, tap ‘Q’ and an orange triangle will appear over the enemy’s unsuspecting head and his location will also appear on your team’s map for roughly five seconds. If an enemy you’ve spotted is killed by a teammate, you’ll gain XP. Make it a routine to target and tap ‘Q’ almost simultaneously before opening fire, and you’ll notice a substantial boost in your overall score.

When playing as Recon, spotting is critical. Find an elevated position, peer through your scope, and let your team know where every enemy is. Even if you manage to miss with every one of your shots, you’ll still end up with solid XP thanks to spotting.

spawnBF4 Ranking Tip No. 7:
Be Your Squad’s Spawn Point

You’re all alone, dude, don’t die!

One of the gameplay mechanics that sets Battlefield apart is the ability for players to spawn on their squadmates, wherever they are on the map. Every time you’re killed you should check where your surviving squadmates are and spawn on those who are closest to your objective. Not only will you save yourself the long trip from your staging area, spawning on squadmates is critical in helping your team accomplish objectives and earn that precious XP.

Along with spawning on squadmates comes the responsibility of staying alive to be the spawn point. Always keep an eye on your squad members, and when you’re the last man standing, get somewhere safe and give your boys the time they need to spawn on you. Not only will it keep your field upgrades active, you’ll be rewarded with XP points for every squadmate that spawns on you, and if staying alive to be the spawn point is incorporated into your overall strategy, you’ll end up with a heaping portion of extra of XP when the match is over.

squad-orders-bf4BF4 Ranking Tip No. 8:
Give and Follow Orders

Squad, on me!

Battlefield 4 includes a Squad Leader feature that puts the creator of your squad — or a randomly assigned squad member — in charge. Squad Leaders can place attack or defend orders on control points and M-COM stations, giving squads simple, easy to pinpoint and follow directives. Giving orders as Squad Leader and following those orders as a squad member is also a great way to earn XP.

Whenever a Squad Leader tags a location with an attack or defend order (simply line up the glowing A or B M-COM stations or control points and tap ‘Q’), the leader earns XP and an invisible boundary goes up around that spot. Any enemies killed within that radius earn the Squad Leader and the squad members XP. Like spotting, it’s a great method to easily earn additional XP, and it should be incorporated into your game immediately.

keep-calm-and-ptfBF4 Ranking Tip No. 9:
Plant Bombs and Secure/Defend Objectives (PTFO)

Goodbye M-COM, hello XP!

Something funny happens to some players in Battlefield 4: they find a relatively safe position and stay there, not moving toward objectives for fear of getting shot. Well, to the victor go the spoils in BF4, and if you and your squad are the ones making the push to defend or plant bombs on M-COMs and secure flags in Conquest, the spoils come in the form of big-time XP.

Arm or disarm the bomb in Rush, earn XP. Capture a location in Conquest, earn XP, and if you kill an enemy trying to take your base, earn an additional XP. Focus your efforts on attacking/defending objectives, and you’ll see a huge boost in points earned. Remember, if your team wins in Rush, you earn XP, and a win in Conquest will net you more XP.

AvengerDuo3BF4 Ranking Tip No. 10:
Work for Medals

With typically 5,000 XP each, earning medals is a an awesome way to get a ton of XP.

Every Ribbon in the game has a clearly corresponding Medal, usually awarded when you’ve earned 50 ribbons of one kind. And now more than ever, these Ribbons and Medals are more tailored to the unique characteristics of the four playable classes. Some of the Ribbons are only earn-able by Recon, Support, Assault, and some by Engineer. Players who gravitate heavily towards one of these classes will automatically have a trophy cabinet that differs wildly from that of a player that hones in on one of the other kits.

There are 45 Ribbons in the game, each corresponding to one Medal, thus there are 45 attainable Medals in the game.

Be sure to check out our Battlefield 4 – Ranks, Ribbons, Medals, and Scoring article.

  • ghost

    nice topic but how many players r we talking about ppl they dont give a fuck about spawn or anything else how many players r boosting why should i spawn on some random spot if i like to play with tanks or choppers so how is that gonna help me i use to play in a lobby conquest dawnbreak ppl they dont give a fuck about flags whole squad plays as recon cus they like to use c-4 and me i am the only one who run for the flags

    • BF4MP

      That’s going to happen unless you have friends that will work with you and play the objective. If your in by yourself and everyone is going their separate ways, join another server as I have found their to be quite a few randoms on every server that will play the objective with me even though I have never played with them before. Spawn on and back up your squad a few times and they will start to spawn in vehicles with you. It’s reciprocal and it does happen regularly.

  • ScreamFace

    Rank up, find a 64 player obliteration server of Operation Locker with the highest ticket count possible.

    Play support. Drop lots of ammo. Then just play and camp choke points. Nades and xm25 go a long way.

    Use the multipliers and on double xp weekends, go for it!

    Also I am rank 110 now. I have so many xp multipliers left. What’s the point? There’s really no need to save them. Maybe save the 200s and the 100s for double xp events. Otherwise just chuck them on when normally playing unless you’re fucking around. When you get to rank 50, every rank above you get a gold battle pack that’ll have some more. There’s very little point to save them.

  • Thekillerdj

    I am level 70 ATM. I have always used an xp booster. Since I was a level 1. I still have about 30 left. So use all of the 50 or 25% boosters now. Save the 100 and 200% ones for double xp

  • Beppemi

    Really nice topic… if people follow this rules, everybodys play better.