Battlefield 4: Field Upgrades Explained

In our last post in August about Field Upgrades, Lead Multiplayer Designer Thomas “Tompen” Andersson shared some information on what’s coming to BF4. Post Gamescom and Pre-Alpha, we now have additional details and images to help explain this new feature coming to Battlefield 4 in October.

Field upgrades allow you to customize your class beyond just weapon attachments. There are three universal field upgrades that any class can equip: Defensive, Offensive, and Shadow.  In addition, there are two specific field upgrades for each class making it so you always have five options to pick from (shown below).

Each field upgrade has four levels of progression. The first level is always unlocked by default but to unlock the other three levels, you have to complete squad based objectives or tasks such as reviving squad mates, dispensing ammo, or repairing a vehicle that a squad mate occupies. You will continue to progress through the field upgrade levels as long as your squad sticks together and is alive. If your entire squad gets wiped out you will lose your progress on that bar . It is thought that you lose one field upgrade progression if your squad wipes, more on that as details become available. DICE has made this a huge incentive to work together as a team and stay alive, revive your fallen teammates, and to seek shelter if you’re the last person in the squad so that you don’t lose your progress.



  • mrheemz

    Seems like so much customization! Really gonna make good squads who pick good perks a force to reckon with

  • HueyLouis

    I wish repair unit, resupply unit, and repair units were just added to the game base, they were in BF2 without any fancy shmancy field upgrades or perks. It’ll be interesting though to do transport chopper runs with an assault + support as gunners, and 2 engineers with unlimited ammo. That’s IF though the unit upgrades affect infantry inside vehicles, and not just outside them. Repairing automatically might be kinda overpowered but a slow health regen/ammo resupply I don’t think would be too bad.

    Also to whoever is writing articles, if you could throw something up on the new vehicle disable / mobility kill mechanic that’d be good.

  • Paul Brown

    why isn’t this nonsense explained IN the game?

    • LovedJoker

      It is, Go to “loadout” and then the “i logo” in the right top of each picture :-)

      • Rusty Shackleford

        that doesn’t explain how to get them or how you lose them, it only explains what they do.

  • doogieschnauzer

    So where on the HUD does it show what level your field upgrade is? This is driving me crazy.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      yeah, seems like the battlefield franchise is regressing… and meanwhile punkbuster doesn’t do shit except annoy them hell out of everyone.