Battlefield 4: Flood Zone map gameplay shown in new PC footage


Game play is being posted today by a few different sites showing us more of the map Flood Zone.  One of these game play videos provides us a glimpse of how the new Defuse mode will play.

Here is the first game play for the Defuse mode.  I have read it plays best on Firefox.  Note that around 1:07, we see what appears to be a wired claymore.

Defuse is clearly a replacement of Squad Rush and looks to employ some similar mechanics.  From what I gathered from this video, teams are designated attacker and defender, and there are two MCOM stations.  The attackers have to locate the bomb and plant it on the MCOM stations.  They key difference here is that there are no respawns, and players appear to only have one revive.  It is unlikely that the bomb carrier is always spotted, as in Obliteration, as that would be far too beneficial to the defending team.  When the MCOM is armed, we can hear that it will have a very significant alarm.  I am curious if this will carry over to Rush as well.  In a previous post about Defuse, I suggested a DICE comment about teams starting and stopping the countdown timer to a warhead was in reference to this mode.  It would appear I was incorrect, as this has the two MCOM stations, but also because I recall a comment from someone at DICE recently that the Zavod 311 map has a warhead or something of that sort inside, which is what triggers the set piece Levolution.

From this second video posted at EveryEye, I snipped a screenshot of the deploy screen to get an idea of how Flood Zone lays out.  It appears to be a medium-sized urban map, in which conquest consists of five flags.  The game play in this video takes place after the levee is breached, and we can see that this map will primarily lend itself to infantry battles as teams work from rooftop to rooftop.  Amphibious vehicles and boats will be fun to take through the flooded streets, but this map provides a lot of places for infantry to hide or gain top-down perspectives that can give an advantage over these powerful vehicles.  It looks as though 64 players may get crowded on this map, but I am not sure.  I guess we will see next week.

From the video, it is not clear how destructible Flood Zone will be.  We can see a lot of the rooftop cover, such as the various wooden sheds, being destroyed by gunfire.  However, we also see many tall buildings that would be prime for dropping rubble, as we did in BF3, but I did not see that attempted.  From the scoreboard in the video, we can see that JackFrags was in on this play session, and he is rumored to be uploading video later today.  Perhaps he took a little more time to give the community a feel for what the map entails. In this third video, we see the player follows paths made by others by destroying walls, so we will (at least in some places) be able to destroy walls to eliminate cover within buildings and create new paths.

Overall, I am very excited for Flood Zone and think it will deliver exciting infantry gameplay, as well as a very different style of vehicle tactics.  In contrast to Siege of Shanghai, this may be a map where players enjoy it more after the Levolution set piece than before.


Josh, aka "Heplinger", is a father, PC gamer, and geek who enjoys the speculation and analysis of Battlefield content, as well as the discussion of the hardware behind it. He is content producer for Heplinger Gaming on YouTube, posting Battlefield and other gaming content.
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    Hey, the first and second links go to the same video

    • Heplinger

      Oops! I must not have realized which one I had on my clipboard when I linked the first. It should have been
      Thanks for catching this!


        Link has been updated

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          Thanks for being so on top of that!

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        No biggy man, glad to help

  • Heplinger

    More videos of the map are being posted. Find some quick thoughts on Levelcap’s here:

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    Hey, helpbringer, I got something for you :P previews of all the maps on this channel! :)

    • Heplinger

      I appreciate it. I am just going to upvote your comment so people can follow that link while they are still active. I saw another YouTube account had these same “previews” posted this morning. That account has since been closed by YouTube due to copyright infringement claims by EA.

      • Mynameisspam1

        Aye, I assumed that EA wouldn’t like that, its kewl.
        Just came across it surfing youtube.
        Home sick so I have lots of time :P

        • Heplinger

          I did manage to watch them all, though. I have to say, I think we are in for some good maps. I am loving how every one of them seems to have so many options for paths and flanking. Most of them seem to have at least three vertical levels of play and a vast array of flanking routes. I am excited to play Dawnbreaker, Flood Zone, and Operation Locker.

          BTW, great use of a sick day, though you should have stayed healthy for 4 more days. ;)

  • Mynameisspam1

    I do mean *all* of the maps, snap it up before its deleted!

  • Arkalis

    Flood Zone looks really gorgeous both artisitic-wise and gameplay-wise, the colors, design, verticality, routes, everything!

  • Nox

    Dice continues to impress me everyday!


    I have already seen a walktrought part 1 part 2 and part 3 from HHGAMINGHD