Gadget Guide – EOD Bot

The EOD Bot (Explosive Ordinance Disposal robot) is an Engineer class gadget unlocked at 85,000 cumulative Engineer points. The EOD Bot is a returning gadget from Battlefield 3.

The EOD Bot is a remote-controlled robotic gadget armed with a repair torch.  Like other placed gadgets that are remote-controlled, the EOD Bot must be placed on a flat surface to be deployed.  Once deployed, the player can control the EOD Bot from any location on the map.  As with similar gadgets, the player is in control of the gadget and unable to defend themselves, so identifying a safe location to hide, and/or controlling the gadget for a short period are necessary ways to remain alive while utilizing the EOD Bot.

The EOD Bot is controlled via a monochromatic camera, which gives a view down the arm that holds the repair torch. The camera view provides information in the upper left on the gadget’s heading, position, and speed, as well as crosshairs in the center. In the lower center of the camera view is the range to whatever is targeted by the crosshairs. It can be difficult to control from this camera view, however, because of a limited field of view, and because the camera points wherever the arm is positioned.  In “normal mode”, it is often easier to drive the EOD Bot using third-person view, switching back to the camera view when aiming the repair torch.

The EOD Bot uses the standard vehicle controls and tracks similar to a mini tank. The mouse or thumbstick used for aiming does the same with the EOD Bot, moving the repair torch up, down, and around. The fire button is used to activate the torch. The physics of driving the EOD Bot can be a little strange, and it can be difficult to control.  However, the stability of this gadget has improved over the Battlefield 3 version.

The EOD Bot is an extremely versatile gadget with a number of uses. One such use is repairing friendly vehicles. The EOD Bot is equipped with a repair torch that works just like the Engineer’s hand-held torch, providing the same repair speed and overheating in just the same way.  However, the EOD Bot is faster and more agile than an Engineer on foot, allowing it to move with a rocking tank without being roadkilled.  The EOD Bot is also capable of repairing a tank from the underside, protecting it from most damage. Just as it can repair friendlies, the EOD Bot can damage enemy vehicles.  The advantages of using the EOD Bot for this task is that it is smaller and harder to see, cannot be roadkilled, can more easily move with the enemy vehicle, and is less likely to be destroyed by the explosion. As another means of protecting friendly vehicles, the EOD Bot can be used to disable enemy AT mines.

The EOD Bot also has the ability to arm or disarm the MCOM in Rush. The same advantages apply, as the EOD Bot is a more difficult target to hit and is not as easily seen. In Obliteration, the EOD Bot can also be used to disarm the bomb planted by the enemy. However, the EOD Bot cannot carry the bomb, and therefore cannot arm the bomb site.

The EOD Bot is also capable of killing enemy infantry using its repair tool.  An unspotted EOD Bot can frequently sneak up on unaware enemies. It does have a noisy electric motor that will make its presence known to more aware enemies.  Using the repair torch against infantry is a handy task to master, as it allows the EOD Bot to defend itself when in enemy territory to destroy a vehicle or arm/disarm a bomb.