Gadget Guide – M2 SLAM

The M2 SLAM (Selectable Lightweight Attack Munition) is a small portable anti-vehicle mine unlocked after accumulating 74,000 points playing as the engineer class.  By default, an engineer carries three SLAMs, and can have up to three deployed at any given time.  However, if the Anti-tank field upgrades are selected, an engineer can carry up to six mines at a time, and can deploy up to six mines at a time if the field upgrade progress bar has reached level three.

The M2 SLAM inflicts less damage than the M15 Anti-Tank Mine.  To destroy a Main Battle Tank, three SLAMs are required, while two are required for Infantry Fighting Vehicles and Armored Personnel Carriers, and only one for light vehicles, such as jeeps and quads.  When fewer SLAMs are used, they are still capable of critical hits, inflicting mobility disables on enemy vehicles.

The M2 SLAM is more versatile than the M15 Anti-Tank Mine, however.  The SLAM is capable of both bottom and side attacks, meaning it can be placed on the ground where enemy vehicles are expected to drive (bottom attack), much like the M15, but it can also be stuck to walls and other surfaces, detonating when enemy vehicles pass near the mine (side attack). The SLAM can also be used in shallow water, making it an effective anti-boat water mine.  In-game, the M2 SLAM seems to detonate at a distance up to four or five meters, but only seems to inflict damage within three meters.

The ability to stick the M2 SLAM to surfaces allows it to be used much like C4, in that it can be placed on friendly and enemy vehicles.  Unlike C4, when placed on vehicles the M2 SLAM does not require manual detonation.  Instead, it will detonate when the enemy vehicle reaches a certain speed, or when it passes (or is passed by) the friendly vehicle on which the mines were placed.  If SLAMs are placed on a stationary enemy vehicle, they will not detonate until that vehicle reaches the predetermined speed. If placed on a friendly vehicle, the SLAMs will detonate if the vehicle is still moving when unoccupied, so using a SLAM for a “jihad jeep” requires precise timing.

A common tactic for using the M2 SLAM is placing it on walls and destroyed vehicles (buses, cars) in tight urban areas where enemy vehicles are likely to travel.  The SLAMs will persist after death, meaning one can frequently get disables and kills some time after placing them.  However, placing new mines will make those previously placed disappear once the deployed mine limit is reached.  Alternatively, if the player can get within close proximity of an enemy vehicle, the mines can placed on the vehicle, whether occupied or not, and it will be destroyed once the enemy starts moving at a sufficient speed.  The mines can be thrown a very short distance, allowing the player to attach them from a close proximity.

On servers with friendly fire turned on, the M2 SLAM can be detonated by friendly vehicles, resulting in team kills.  Use of the SLAM on hardcore and other friendly fire servers requires very careful use and placement, as the destruction of a full friendly transport could be sufficient team kills to get one kicked from a server.

The following is a YouTube video created by Matimi0, which is a very handy visual guide for utilizing the M2 SLAM.

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    The range is now 3, it was 6. So the water placement no longer works in many spots.