Gadget Guide – Motion Detectors


Motion detectors are gadgets available to the Recon class. There are two separate detectors available to the Recon: the motion ball unlocked at 5,000 points, and the T-UGS unlocked at 54,000 points. Motion detectors allow the Recon to identify the location of nearby enemies and share that information on the minimaps of teammates.

Motion Sensor

MotionsensorThe motion sensor, also referred to as a motion ball or “pokeball”, is a portable motion detector. The Recon can carry up to three at any given time. However, that limit increases to five upon reaching level three of the Spec Ops upgrade path. Once used, additional sensors can be resupplied from a Support’s ammo box or a Commander supply drop. The motion sensors can be thrown, much like grenades, and will travel a similar distance. When thrown, the motion sensor is active for 24 seconds and will detect movement within a 25-meter radius. Throwing a second sensor within that 24 seconds will deactivate the first.

When activated, the motion sensor emits a subtle chirping noise that can alert enemies to its presence. Enemies walking or sprinting within its 25-meter radius will be spotted on the team’s minimaps. Enemies can avoid detection by not moving, crouch walking, or crawling prone. Enemy Recons with the Spec Ops upgrade path selected cannot be detected unless they are sprinting.

The motion sensor is an irreplaceable tool for those playing the Recon class in an aggressive or stealthy manner, as it allows a player to detect and track enemy movement behind enemy lines to get a jump on the enemy.


BF4_T-UGSThe Tactical Unattended Ground Sensor (T-UGS) is a deployable motion detector. The Recon can carry only one at a time, and can have only one placed at a time. Placing a second T-UGS will destroy the first. The T-UGS remains deployed until destroyed, replaced, or the Recon respawns with a different gadget equipped in its place. The gadget can be replenished from a Support’s ammo box or a Commander’s supply drop, allowing the Recon to place a new detector if the first is destroyed or a new location is needed.

The T-UGS has a detection radius of 25 meters, which increases to 35 meters once level three of the Spec Ops upgrade path is attained. This detector emits a pulse every few seconds to detect enemy movement within its radius. Like the motion sensor, it will detect enemies walking or sprinting within the detection radius when it pulses. Enemies crouch walking, crawling prone, or standing still will not be detected. Enemy Recons with Spec Ops enabled are not detected when walking. The detection radius of the T-UGS is not impeded by physical obstacles and will detect enemies through walls and on a different level or floor from the detector.

T-UGS Icon

The T-UGS is small and can be placed in shadowy corners and behind objects, making it very hard to see. However, it does emit an audible beep that will alert enemies to its presence. When movement is detected, the tone of the beep will change, informing the Recon and teammates that an enemy is detected on their minimap, but also alerting the enemy that he has been detected.

The T-UGS is often used to detect enemies attempting to flank when a Recon or squad is protecting an area. While it is more permanent than the motion sensor, the resuppliability of the T-UGS can also allow it to be a relatively portable detector the Recon can place at each foothold as the squad moves forward.