Battlefield 4 Gamescom Details and New Trailer

ea-gamesconIn a recent post on the Battlefield 4 official website, DICE/EA announced BF4 will make a large a presence at Gamescom 2013 in Germany. The event will reveal an all new multiplayer may and give fans lucky enough to attend the event an opportunity to play the map and, DICE/EA will showcase their new game mode for BF4 as we have known for some time now. The live stream will begin on August 20th and continue through the weekend.

Battlefield 4 will be playable on the show floor with an all-new explosive game mode on a map that we have kept under wraps for the show. Starting August 21, you will be able to follow our live stream from the show floor for unedited gameplay footage, hosted by Corey Dunn that you might recognize from our hugely successful E3 live stream earlier this year.” stated the post.

The team also stated some information pertaining to Battlefield 4 Premium will be coming to the show: “We’ll also give you the first look at our upcoming Battlefield 4 Premium content.”

battlefield-4-gamescomDICE/EA even further glorified the show by announcing a double XP event for Battlefield 3 that will begin on August 21st and will end on August 26. The double XP will last for 120 hours: “To celebrate the show, we’re turning gamescom week into double XP week for all Battlefield 3 players! Join our gamescom updates here on the blog, then hop onto the Battlefield for a total of 120 hours’ worth of double XP. The double XP event starts August 21 at 2AM PST / 11 AM CEST (click link for a handy time zone table) and ends on August 26, 120 hours later.”

In order to build hype for the event, DICE/EA released a new trailer to build hype for the event. The trailer profiles an elderly man who, according to video, has clocked in 8,000 hours of play time across all games in the Battlefield franchise. That’s true dedication!