Battlefield 4 Geo Leaderboards 100% opt-in and location customizable

bf4-geo-leaderboards-opt-inGeo Leaderboards, revealed in the new Battlelog trailer released by DICE, introduces a new feature for the Battlefield franchise that enables Battlefield 4 players to compete to be the best player in their city, country, or even the world. Ever wanted to see how you compare to the rest of your townsfolk? Now you can.

While these expanded stat-tracking and competitive features sound like great ways to get more enjoyment out of DICE’s next game, some are worried about privacy concerns with the new geo-leaderboard system.  Fortunately, DICE is already out in front of this potential problem.  The leaderboards in Battlefield 4 will be completely opt-in and players can toggle where their shown location is and who can view it, according to a statement from the developers. Great news if the option to choose a different location is not abused. It is the hope that this feature will limit the location change to the region of the player and not allowing the player the ability to claim tank destroying dominance in all of Madagascar.