Battlefield 4 ‘Handgun Shortcut Kit’ available free [Limited time offer]

Battlefield 4 Handgun Shortcut Kit PromoEA is giving away some Battlefield 4 instant handgun unlocks for a limited time. Today through February 24, you can pick up a pack that will ordinarily cost $4.99 once the promotion is over. While it it currently doesn’t unlock the weapons today, you can add it to your cart and check out now and once the kit is released in the coming days, your Origin will automatically start downloading the pack and the weapons will unlock.

The ‘Handgun Shortcut Kit’ on Origin includes unlocks for the M9, QSZ-92, MP443, Shorty 12G, G18, FN57, M1911, 93R, CZ-75, .44 Magnum, and Compact 45. It notably doesn’t include any DLC unlocks. The listing includes a “Coming Soon” date and a suggested sale price, so presumably after the promotion is over it will release officially and go up to five bucks.

The pack is also available to download from Xbox Live and soon from the PlayStation Network.

Launch your Origin client, goto STORE and search for “Handgun” (as shown below). Add the shortcut kit to your cart and check out before February 24 and save $5.

Battlefield 4 Origin Handgun Shortcut KitBattlefield 4 Handgun Shortcut Kit