Battlefield 4 indoor arctic map?

Sure you guys have seen the Battlelog trailer by now. The ”Next gen” is constantly talking about connectivity. Seems as though if they could find a way to connect us directly into the Matrix, they probably would.Yet it’s only now that it hints at what all this means.

The trailer shows just how connected the next installment in our favorite franchise is. With integrated smart phone and tablet support, this game is constantly surprising all of us in the best of ways.

Within the trailer they show a snippet of what this connection all looks like in play. Visible on a tablet with a map of a live game, a map appears and is covered in white snow. Also interesting to note is that this map looks like its 100% in doors.

I have made a video showing you guys what I am talking about and I also share my thoughts on the trailer. Hope you guys enjoy the video.

Full rez of the map can be found here


  • Hunter Franke

    i think this will be bf4′s vertion of op metro but with a little less cluster fuck, i might actuly enjoy it

    • Magilla187

      it can be that but what if they have specially designed maps made for rush only ? and if it is like BF4′s version of OP metro then how will the Levolution work ? i am just so excited because BF4 is going to be doing big things come the next couple of months can’t wait to see more gameplay trailers or something as well

      • RizzleChimp

        It would be amazing if the building is a bunker and if you shoot some pillars tons of snow will fall down.

  • Haldan

    The one you couldn’t read was the M16A3

  • advice dog

    is that a new game mode? it seems theres a low ticket count for a 5 flag 64 player game AND there is a score??? underneath the ticket count?