Battlefield 4 ‘Invisible Mode’ a ‘Top Priority’

Battlelog developer Filip mentioned that an “invisible mode” is a top priority for the dev team. There have been some complaints out community members being harassed in this manner on Origin. Users currently dealing with privacy issues in Battlefield 3 (e.g. stalking, trolling, etc.) may hopefully feel less stress when Battlefield 4 comes out. The new invisible mode wasn’t explained at all, but the thought is entering into an invisible mode would not allow other users to see if you are online or which Battlefield 3 or Battlefield 4 servers you are playing in.

“It’s our goal to introduce some new privacy before BF4 release, but plans could change. Invisible mode is the top priority,” according to the Battlefield Twitter account.


More as this develops.

  • Branden Cusolle

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