Battlefield 4 Leaked Carrier Assault Tutorial Video


A video has surfaced of the upcoming Carrier Assault game play mode in Naval Strike, or rather, a tutorial of the game mode. Veterans of BF2142 will be able to get the drift fairly easily.

Essentially, there will be a number of missile silos on the ground/map area. Capturing these silos will have them launch missiles at the enemy carrier. Once that carrier’s shield is at %50, it can be boarded by your team.  You can then attack a reactor and destroy it, then head on to a second. If you destroy that, you win. However, the enemy team will also be actively defending their carrier.

As predicted, the game play is essentially the same to BF2142 Titan mode, of course with the differences that would come with it being a nuclear powered aircraft carrier, rather than a floating warship.

The video subtitles are in German. Translation below.

* 0:12 Conquer missile launch sites to launch missiles
* 0:16 Missiles will be automatically launched and damage the enemy aircraft carrier
* 0:28 Missile launch sites can be conquered by both teams
* 0:38 At 50% the aircraft carriers become attackable (accessible) and reveal new objectives
* 0:46 Arm objectives and defend them to work your way through the carrier
* 1:06 Objectives can be defused by the enemy
* 1:15 Your team wins

Also note that the missile silos will continue firing at their designated carrier depending on who captured them, even after the shields are below 50 percent. This is to prevent the entire team from staying in the objective to defend it.

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  • Aria68

    Thanks for sharing.

  • N-Shifter

    Titan Mode! So happy to see it returning, it’s really all I wanted out of BF4 and had guessed it would be coming in Naval Strike.