Battlefield 4: Lower flight ceiling for helicopters confirmed

helicopter-flight-ceiling-bf4Orbit camping” – The ability to fly a helicopter at a high altitude, dubbed “orbit”, with full ability to spam weapons and rack up huge killstreaks without risk from the ground.

Confirmed today by DICE lead core gameplay designer Alan Kertz via Twitter, it appears that one’s ability to orbit camp has been recognized as an issue in BF3 and has been subsequently removed from Battlefield 4. Implementing two different “flight ceilings” for jets and helicopters ensures chopper pilots won’t be able to exploit this flaw and rake in the easy kills.

Kertz added, “Orbit helicopters are no fun. Orbit helicopters shoot someone. From like 800m away. Fixing that for the next game. Choppers need skill.

Speaking of skill, does your chopper flying skills need some work? During a Q&A session with IGN, Lars Gustavsson of DICE stated that a flight test range has been added to BF4 so new pilots can hone, or build, their flying skills before heading out on the Battlefield.

We’ve definitely heard that people are afraid of getting in there [and using vehicles like helicopters] and that’s not our intent, so what we’ve done is, we’ve added a test range, which allows you to try out all the hardware ahead of time so that if you want to learn to fly a helicopter you can get in there and you can find the settings that work best for you. And then start doing some stunt flights just to feel safe before you go out and get the responsibility of a bunch of other people sitting in your helicopter, so I truly hope that this will help people feel more safe about trying out the whole battlefield.

Thank you DICE.

  • Heplinger

    All good news. I especially look forward to the training mode. Now I wonder if they increased the jet ceiling, or at least got rid of the magical gelatin ceiling.

    • Emeraldon

      Indeed. I really hope they raised the ceiling. It’s ridiculous trying climb in BF3 only to be stuck and get killed by thin air.

  • Piet Loor

    Good news indeed, BF3 was majorly unbalanced. Counters to air were useless, ECMspam alone (ECM reloaded too fast, look on symthic for details) was enough to make stingers+Soflam/jav fully useless (IF the heli/jet ever came close that is). That is with teamplay. At least this orbithovercamping will be addressed…in BF4 at least. At least its something.

    Look at all the flyboys crying now as soon as someone touches their precious invincibility-mode
    choppers or jets. If you don’t want anything to change, feel free to
    keep playing unbalanced, skillless BF3.

  • RyleyMA61

    Agreed… while I am shit in a chopper, and hate chopper spammers, I still think they should have kept flares with the gunner.

    I can easily take out a chopper with a stinger now – the old way required teamwork and communication to take out a madman in a chopper – not anymore.

    So while I hate the chopper spammers and campers, I don’t think any old Joe should be able to take one out single-handed.

    Just doesn’t seem very BF like to me.

  • Robert

    1500 hours and this has NEVER been a problem. Why must we continually nerf everything to make everyone safe on the battlefield???

    I WOULD like to see one ceiling across all maps for aircraft.

    • jon

      It’s not to make people safer it’s to cut out people who take advantage of bullshit game mechanics to abuse the game and make it less fun for everyone else. Besides in real life helicopter can’t get any were close to the altitude ceiling of a jet.