Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC Map Names Leaked [UPDATE]


[UPDATE] Check out this post for confirmed data: Battlefield 4 Naval Strike: Release Date, New Weapons and Vehicle, Carrier Assault Game Mode

While non Xbox players are eagerly waiting the release of Second Assault, Battlefield’s second DLC which was a timed exclusive release for Xbox owners, rumors are starting to surface about DICE’s third DLC, Naval Strike.

Following China Rising and Second Assault, Naval Strike is Battlefield’s third of five DLCs and is scheduled for release in Spring 2014. Themed around “dynamic ocean combat”, players will experience combat in Naval Strike as the Chinese Armada takes the fight to the sea. Will Naval Strike surprise us with new boats and other naval vehicles?

The leak originates from the Russian Battlefield 4 Twitter fan account @eashooters who listed the following names:

* Lost Islands
* Nansha Strike
* Wave Breaker
* Operation Mortar

The remaining two DLCs, Dragon’s Teeth and Final Stand, are slated for a Summer 2014 release.