Battlefield 4 New Map and Mode Teased For Gamescom 2013

DICE/EA confirmed today that they will reveal a new map and a new game mode at Gamescom 2013.  Will they possibly reveal the indoor arctic map glimpsed in the Battlelog trailer?  The map they reveal will likely go hand-in-hand with the game mode to be revealed.  If the arctic map in in fact all indoors, it would imply a game mode not involving vehicles.   There was also an alleged leak this past week of a map named “Naval”, of which we supposedly got a glimpse in the Frostbite 3 trailer.  However, DICE chimed in on that reddit thread to imply that was not in fact a Battlefield 4 map, but a tech demo.  If this were in fact a map, it would imply a game mode involving ships.  Many have suggested such a new mode would be a revamped Titan mode.  With all the emphasis Battlefield has put on the addition of sea combat, one would think the next reveal might be a sea-based map and game mode, but you never know what they have up their sleeves.

As you may remember, the leaked alpha files referenced potential game modes entitled “Obliteration” and “Elimination”. Will the new mode be one of these, something altogether different, or a familiar mode we simply have not yet seen in BF4, such as rush?

With the introduction of a new mode and map, we will likely learn more about how maps will correspond to different game modes (i.e.: will there be mode-specific maps, or will the maps be multi-use like in BF3), as well as whether or not commander mode will be available in modes beyond conquest, and how that may impact various modes. We may also get to see some new gadgets, weapons, and vehicles.  Lastly, with a new map, we should get to see some new Levolution, as every map is said to have its own versions, both large and small.

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Josh, aka "Heplinger", is a father, PC gamer, and geek who enjoys the speculation and analysis of Battlefield content, as well as the discussion of the hardware behind it. He is content producer for Heplinger Gaming on YouTube, posting Battlefield and other gaming content.
  • Peter

    I’m still hopeful that the reason “Titan” aircraft carrier is mentioned in the “Angry Sea” SP Gameplay trailer is because they are creating a Titan Mode with Aircraft Carriers and boats…I can feeeeeel it!!! The short naval reveals that have happened so far all point to a possible Titan mode so I’m STOOKKEEDD