Battlefield 4 next generation console box art revealed

battlefield-4-box-art-next-genIt’s possible that these are just placeholders, but just as likely they provide a first look at next-gen software packaging. Neither Microsoft or Sony has offered up any official box art for any of its next generation titles as of yet. Both consoles are due out holiday 2013

EA has confirmed that the next installment in the highly popular online multiplayer shooter series will be available on Xbox 360/One, PlayStation 3/4, and PC on October 29th in the United States, and on November 1st in the United Kingdom. Since both versions ship on a Blu-ray disc, they use the standard Blu-ray case size.

  • Militia

    I’ve read a few times in your recent posts that the release date for BF4 on XBOXone and PS4 is Oct 29. That is false. There is not even a release date for the consoles yet. Oct 29 is only the release date for XBOX360, PC, and PS3