Battlefield 4 novel details surface

A Battlefield 4 novel written by author Peter Grimsdale, a multi-award-winning television producer with a raft of major documentaries to his credit, is in the works providing a back story to Battlefield 4′s campaign. The description of the novel gives us an idea of what the battlefield 4 story will be about. The description is as follows-

“Stationed in Shanghai, Kovic is the sort of field man the CIA doesn’t have enough of. He’s a chameleon, fluent in language and manners, the sort who can disappear in any crowd, but when called upon can do what has to be done with force and cunning.His bosses are wary of him, just as they are wary of the Chinese.How has he survived this long in Shanghai? Has he been turned? When a joint US-Chinese mission to North Korea goes horribly awry and his entire team is killed, Kovic is under suspicion from both sides. How is he the only survivor?

But Kovic is about to uncover a conspiracy theory that will make him everyone’s enemy. A World-threatening situation that forces him to go rogue and play by his own rules. Admiral Chang wants to turn back the Chinese clock and put the military in charge – under him. But first he must make an enemy of America. And Kovic will find he’s an unlikely pawn in Chang’s master plan.

Huang Shuyi, ‘Hannah’, a rising star in the Ministry of State Security, has her own suspicions about America, but her patriotism will force her into making desperate choices for the sake of China’s future – choices that could cast her as a traitor. With time running out, and with nobody heeding his warnings, Kovic must find a way to thwart Chang’s master plan and prevent a devastating standoff between two of the World’s most powerful nations.”

You can purchase this novel on Amazon as a hardcover, or paperback. The novel releases October 24th 2013.