Battlefield 4 on Windows 8 will have better CPU optimization

Windows 7 is thought to be the preferred operating system by most PC gamers, however naysayers of Windows 8 may want to think twice about upgrading their OS because Windows 8 has a hidden feature up its sleeve, DirectX 11.1. Windows 7 is said to use only certain portions of DirectX 11.1. DICE’s Technical Director, Johan Andersson, has said that the Frostbite engine will fully support the latest version of DirectX and that systems using this software will see better performance, more specifically, better CPU optimization:

We use DX11.1, there are some optimizations in it (constant buffer offsets, dynamic buffers as SRVs) that we got in to the API that improves CPU performance in our rendering when one runs with DX11.1. This will be in BF4.” Johan Andersson stated.

This means that PC and Xbox One versions of Battlefield 4 would be more optimized than PlayStation 4, not factoring in the AMD optimizations. This is not to say Battlefield won’t run great on Windows 7, DICE is known to have games that scale great to any OS and hardware set. If you’re still running Windows XP, it’s time to bite the bullet and upgrade as Battlefield 4 as it is  not supported on that version of Windows.

directx 11The following functionality has been added in Direct3D 11.1, which is included with Windows 8, Windows RT, and Windows Server 2012. Partial support for Direct3D 11.1 is available on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 via the Platform Update for Windows 7, which is available through the Platform Update for Windows 7.

[UPDATE] 9-9-2013 EA/DICE have released minimum and recommended system requirements for PC players.

  • No. NO

    This is a load of shit. Microsoft just paid them off to try to sell more copies of the shitty, miserable OS that they know nobody wants.

    • Yop

      Microsoft does not need to pay them. They included DirectX 11.1 only in Win 8, so if you want to see every detail DICE put in the game will need to use it. That is why DICE recommends it. Tbh, i prefer to pass on the little difference and keep my Win 7.

      • Soundadvicex

        Yes good call, I like both win 7 and win 8 but if you like win 7 the advantages of switching to win 8 will be minimum right now.
        Have yet to run in to a game that does not work on Win8……

      • fire lion

        Wrong. EA made BF4 too dependent of DX 11.1 There are alot of games that look as good or better than BF4 and use win 7 just fine.

        EA and microsoft were the ones who cooked up the idea to stop the resale of games with the activation fee.

        Notice the major EA exclusive for xboxone? Titan fall? They were scratching each others back. Get PC users to go to W8 and get a few exclusives.

      • Tom R

        You are wrong its not about graphics dumb ass its about the cpu running the game more efficiently. there’s more going on than what your graphics card is doing. bonehead

    • Raklödder

      If I may, sir, you clearly know nothing about Windows 8 and DirectX 11.1 & 11.2.

  • prodigalphenom

    buy win 8 and you get good bf 4 that’s a complete running smoothly on win 7 ult w radeon 6870 black edition on semi high with some ultra settings. fps average of 43 max@55.i dont believe it’s the OS. btw my cpu is i5 2550k at 4.5ghz.

    • Aveod

      >43 fps
      >running smoothly :D

    • MickT

      apparently someone had problems with a certain AMD processor, they changed to windows 8 and the frames boosted by 20 on average. this being the fx 6300 I might add.

  • Privat Privat


  • Toothpicker

    I’d rather suffer a minor BF4 performance decrease than suffer Windows 8.

    • Soundadvicex

      Sad, nothing wrong with Win 8, been using it for almost 2 yearm w=since RTM, it has been awesome.
      But hey it must suck because you said so….

      • Toothpicker

        I gave it a go and I found it convoluted and inelegant. In any case I’m talking about personal preference, your opinion is irrelevant to me.

      • Tom R

        Mom never told you nobody likes a smart ass

  • randolph scott

    Now that people have realized that OS’s are available for free because of the people behind Ubuntu, MS has been undergoing major restructuring. Their biggest asset used to be Windows when Linux’ learning curve was too steep to interest people. With Steam OS based on Linux, an alliance of PC gaming professionals who understand the necessity of an open-platform for PC gaming. Win8 and “Microsoft Store” is an attempt to mimic the Apple Store. That puts way too much control into the hands of MS who would control what is sold in their Store, the software, and the games.

    Understanding this, Valve, makers of Halflife and the Steam Gaming System have developed a Linux based, open-source Steam OS and will release the Steambox to compete against consoles who have adopted PC architecture.

    If Windows begins losing market share from Windows because a free alternative is available (Ubuntu). I had to upgrade to Win7 to play Battlefield 3, which is fine since XP was 32 bit, not 64 bit as BF requires. There was no low-grade 32 bit version available even though performance would still be better than on a console, in terms or resolution, number of players in a match, and frames per second.

    Now they have a scheme? where you won’t get all the benefits of MS’s other major asset, DirectX (11), that is, unless you upgrade the OS again? Even though Win7 has interface customization already, touchscreens are basically for the workplace, and the idea of “Microsoft Store” is so repulsive as to be the last straw.

    This is the sort of thing Valve is fighting against, by supporting Linux on a much larger scale, developing Steam OS, and getting game developers on board to build an [open source] graphics API library to rival, likely top DirectX.

    MS seems to be losing marketshare, er monopoly of operating systems, as the paying for operating systems is becoming a part of the past. MS still have Server OS, Office, .net, XBox, MS Games, and keyboards and mice that are actually good.

    Considering Win8 adds little more to Win7 besides cosmetic changes and touchscreen features, to MS it is more importantly an introduction to “Windows Store,” in expectation of a river of money based on a need to purchase Window Store software or else it won’t work with Windows.

    IMO this is forcing PC gamers to prepare for an easy transition to developer supported, open source operating systems.

    One might be justified in claiming that EA and MS are in some mutually beneficial arrangement. Just upgrading MS Windows bloatware, a resource hog, used to require hardware upgrades to improve performance.. Now they, MS, are colluding with other industries to force software upgrades? I liked how benchmarks for BF4 beta showing side by side graphical comparisons of BF4 performance on Win7 vs. Win8 popped up on the internet. They could have rigged the beta to run Win7 worse….by crippling some DirectX features, which they are now using as a marketing-provided “reason” to upgrade.

    Can they really distribute two different versions of DirectX, one that is limited, while the new OS version has “full DirectX?” Of course, somewhere in that mountainous EULA it says that they can do whatever.

    Then this little “side-note” that was *not officially* added to the minimum or recommended specs for BF4, without explanation that full access to Direct X is the reason for the Win8 recommendation. They don’t want to print it on the box because it looks like collusion, is manipulative, possibly unethical. Is it right that a software program, game in this case, requires other software to run it as intended? Why don’t they just sell DirectX for $5 instead of forcing people into the Microsoft store? Don’t they distribute the download for free because it is a necessary part of the OS you just bought?

    This sounds like more litigation for MS. When they forced use of Windows Explorer by integrating it into the OS itself, they got lost.

    • JustinConstantino

      wow. your right. its all a conspiracy… -_- seriously i have seen ZERO ZERO and also ZERO, reason that windows 8 is the anti-crist, linux is all well and good, but until everything is designed to work on it from day one, i don’t give a ding-dong-shit. i liked windows 7 and since early adopting w8 for $40 i have had NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER. I also had zero problems transitioning, and i readied my self for the switch in no ways, i just sorta, bought w8. that’s it… now as for Windows Store, if they intended to block software sales, and get a strangle hold on the market, it failed already and the threat is over, its not like they blocked ppl from installing steam! if anything its like a weak Android app store. And i love the the new windows 8 tablets, best thing that ever happened to handhelds. I’m no Microsoft fan, i think the the Xbox, from conception was the spawn of money grubbing HELL, and divided gamers more than ever before. personally Im a pc gamer when it comes to FPS because Mouse trumps Gamepad in aiming anyday. minus flying jets.

  • fire lion

    I can’t wait until PC gaming stops using DX

  • S & M

    The Windows 8 engine is clearly superior to the Windows 7 engine, I have seen this first hand. Now the problem with Windows 8 is the interface, PC users do not want touch a touch screen interface or Apps, they want A desktop and programs, and that should not have been too hard to build. Touch screen is great on everything but a PC with a mouse and it would have been easy to have a setup option upon Installing the OS on a existing computer or setting up a new PC. That being said The 8.1 version does let you start with the desktop and Stardock start8 gives you a close start menu back, but it is still to easy to stumble into the Tile based start screen, yea it’s easy to get back but it’s just silly to have it in your way.