Battlefield 4 OST – Main Theme

  • BullShooter

    sounds pretty similar to the bf3 ost to me :I

    • Alex Nedea

      Have u ever played bf before ? Retard all the bf osts are modified a little bit but they come from the same ost: the bf1942 ost

      • BullShooter

        First of all, calm yo tits.
        Secondly, just because I wouldn’t know that all OSTs are modified versions of a game I’ve never played doesn’t mean that I haven’t ever played a Battlefield game. (Granted I’ve only played 1943, BC2 and BF3 but that’s beside the point.)
        Overactive lashing out like that is part of the reason why this community is so shitty.

  • Phobia256

    Here is an improved version: