Battlefield 4 Patch Notes: Mobile Update April 29 2014

- Added simple pagination to Forums on mobile (go to first/last, go forward/back, and view the current/total pages)
- You can now set and edit your Tag and Presentation text in the mobile app
- The dialogue when tracking an unlock is now inline instead of “popup” for better scroll behavior
- Various minor tweaks and improvements

- Various Loadout fixes, including the ability to correctly see someone else’s Loadout from their Soldier page
- Fixes to various Battle Feed notifications that didn’t take you to the right page on touch
- Better handling of the Select Emblem page, when you don’t have any emblems to choose from
- Fixed a fundamental issue that caused some changes, such as changing your active soldier, to not be properly saved, and thus revert if you force-closed and restarted the app
- Added the missing Soldier Portraits that have been given out with the recent Premium Battlepack
- Various fixes and improvements for the new Com Center search for users for better interaction and behavior
- Fixed an issue where clicking on Profile on someone else’s soldier would go to your own Profile page instead of theirs
- Fixed an issue where Select Portrait and Privacy Settings were, incorrectly, shown on the BF3 settings page
- Fixed an issue where change the Settings too quickly in succession could on rare occasions cause the page to freeze
- Fixed an issue where you could scroll to the sides on the Select Soldier/All Soldiers page
- Fixed an issue where you could still track unlocked weapons from expansion packs
- Fixed an issue where you couldn’t always accept or decline Mission invitations
- Fixed an issue where some Suggestions would have the green checkbox, marking them as completed, although they weren’t completed
- Fixed an issue where expansion pack images weren’t showing in the Battle Feed
- Various tweaks to the Unified Game Manager, so it can better fit longer texts and translations without cutting off texts
- Various minor fixes

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    i wonder when is the next client update patch ?!