Battlefield 4 Patch Notes: PC, Xbox One, and Battlelog Feb 25 2014

patch-notes-bf4Feb 25 PC Game update notes
-Fix for the so called “sound loop crash” issue that caused the game to freeze
-Fix for an issue that sometimes prevented players from shooting while in the gunner position of a vehicle
-Fix for the headshot icon appearing incorrectly at non-headshot deaths, such as suicide or dying of an explosion
-General stability improvements

Feb 25 Xbox One Game update notes 
-Fix for an issue where spawning into, or switching to, a gunner seat in an IFV/MBT sometimes could cause the game to crash
-Fix for a crash that could occur when signing out as an active user
-Fix for missing sound in Team/Squad Deathmatch
-Fix for an issue in the Defuse game mode, where a bomb carrier would be permanently spotted
-Decreased the rate at which the kill card would incorrectly display 0 health, while the enemy was clearly alive
-Fix for an invisible wall that was incorrectly present in one of the fallen concrete pipes on Zavod 311
-Fix for an issue where bullet impact sounds weren’t properly matching the actual number of impacts, causing the players to feel that they died too quickly.
-Fix for an issue where the “Draw” message would not display on-screen once a Conquest round ended with both teams having the same amount of tickets
-Fix for an issue where long IDs wouldn’t scroll on dog tags
-Fix for missing grass physics in terrain
-Fix for an issue that would appear if a 10 users party would join a game with 8 available slots, leaving 2 of the players stuck on the loading screen
-Fix for an issue where the player camera would be positioned inside of the soldier when parachute spawning
-Fix for a MAV exploit that let players reach various out-of-map locations

Feb 25 Battlelog update notes

- Look forward to more details on Platoons coming today

- Awards and Assignments will now show the “amount completed” out of “total amount” for each category
- Some Awards (Medals and Ribbons) are now placed in more accurate categories
- Capture the Flag total score is now shown on the Stats -> Details page (Air Superiority will be re-added later)
- The progress bar for Kit Unlocks (if it’s unlockable) will now be shown in the details box even after it’s been unlocked
- Various other tweaks and improvements

- Fixed an issue where Weapon Battlepacks from Second Assault weapons didn’t show up properly
- Fixed an issue where the total amount of kills for Soldier Equipment wasn’t shown on Stats -> Vehicles (the remaining values will still be empty for now)
- Fixed an issue where some texts for e.g. Specializations under Unlocks -> Kits didn’t properly line-break (this issue apparently persists; it will be fixed in the next release)
- The “view all players” button in Battle Reports should now be working again
- All unlockable accessories via progression or Battlepacks will now be shown in Unlocks -> Weapons, even if you have unlocked all the accessories available
- Fixed an issue where the details box (right column) wouldn’t always scroll with the page on the Dog Tags page
- Fixed an issue where the medals and ribbon counter in the overview wasn’t shown if it had been awarded just once
- Fixed an issue where the Service Star progress bar for Stats -> Vehicles didn’t display properly in Firefox
- Fixed an issue where some Battlepack items in Loadout were marked as being unlocked by expansion packs
- You can now click the small bullets in the Premium tile on Home to change tile content, and not go to the Premium page
- Chat windows are now hidden properly when setting BattleScreen to display in full-screen mode
- Progress bar for medals will no longer show after you’ve earned 100 of the same Medal (as this is the cap)
- Many other minor issues fixed

  • Mario

    Hope this resolve the “Metro 2014″ map issue.

  • Amboy Serate

    Thank you EA for making bf4 unplayable after this patch! Black screen after loading level, then crashes after a few seconds. Great! Keep it up!

    • Prince Campbell III

      That was happening before the patch.

    • mikeymp

      game crashes, sound gets mute after playing and then crashes.. this is shit!

      • janansheren

        same here after this patch game crashes :( what the hell man game was working properly but now crashes every time and gives error (battlefield 4 has stopped working )

        • mikeymp

          I bought the premium, and all crashes started.. good job ea/dice, cannot even play de vanila maps 10 minutes…

    • Lord Grammar

      Stop moaning.

  • janansheren

    What the hell ,,,, after installing this patch my battlefield 4 crashes every time and give error battlefield 4 has stopped working ,,,,,, please fix this

  • Sailonatree

    … Battlefield 4 doesn’t work now, thanks for the useless patch..

  • carlosamp

    thanks now the game does not work anymore

  • carlosamp

    thanks EA now the game does not work anymore

  • amir

    Black screen after loading! WHAT ARE YOU DOING, DICE ?!!!

  • Dan Childs

    Black Screen of death.. Game goes to black screen and blinking _ then crashes.. Not happy. Have updated to latest beta AMD driver also. No luck !!!

  • Jan Kudahl

    Hey guys and girls. I fixed the problem by removing the USER.CFG i created in the Battlefield 4 main folder. I do not know what command line which is the problem yet. But now it works like a charm. Hope it works for you all as well. :)

  • HaVoK308

    Guess I’ll play the PS4 version until they break it even further. PC version is trash.

    • Jan Kudahl

      I fixed the problem by removing the USER.CFG i created in the Battlefield 4 main folder. I do not know what command line which is the problem yet. But now it works like a charm. Hope it works for you all as well. :)

  • JoeMomma

    How do you make the game consistently worst after each patch?

  • carlosamp

    here is the solution 1. Go into your game directory (dir:Program files(x86)Origin GamesBattlefield 4)

    2. If you have a “user.cfg” file, open it in notepad.

    3. Delete the command line “UI.DrawEnable 1”

    4. Save the file

    5. Start the game

  • HeadNoGood

    Mine is stuck on 100% installing, then stopped install and then is queued… I would then restart install and the same thing happens again.